Here are the different types of motor homes in a buying guide for newbies

motor homes

Traveling with the house on his back seemed reserved for a few, including camping has been almost frowned face enjoy the holidays in a hotel or apartment. The camping and more contact with nature is becoming more valued and, in the last two decades, the motorhomes have become another way of living the holidays.

The mobile home is no longer something only foreigners or for crazy tourism. Many have taken to buy one or is in your future purchase plans. For the latter or simply for those who want to know more of this type of vehicles, we have prepared this guide to buying motorhomes.

And it is not as easy as it sounds, there are different points to assess before buying one, is not only a matter of price and size. But to start we will make it clear what a motorhome because sometimes there is confusion. It is a motor vehicle whose interior is fitted out as housing. And there are not as many call caravans, mobile homes are trailers and motorhomes. » Read more

Armani says goodbye to the leathers


More and more companies dedicated to the world of fashion to say goodbye to the use of fur in their collections of clothes. The latest addition has been the Armani Group. In his next collection fall / winter 2016-2017 skins are no longer present in their designs. This decision was taken after holding several meetings with Fur Free Alliance, an international association that brings together various organizations fighting the trade in animal skins. » Read more

15 games to play whole family

15 games to play

Evenings with family games are more fun, that’s an irrefutable truth but do not think that I speak only games with mom and dad, I talk about games for the whole family and even friends. Today I bring no less than 15 games to play with the whole family, for teams, couples, as we want and depending on us to get together.

15 games for the evenings of holidays, some are newer and others something less, because sometimes revisit some of our games, those of life, can give “long game” (what I like to me these games words, hear).

Going on holiday often means that we meet or agree with part of the family we cannot see every day or at least frequently. Family meals that can end with one of these games for digestion is done to the rhythm of laughter, competition and wholesome family fun. » Read more

iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro 3

iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro 3

As much as one can criticize or praise the new iPad Pro, the fact is that the new Apple tablet should be from the point of view of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it is the true rival, and Apple’s goal with this new iPad Pro. The question is which of the two is better?

What are the differences?

Best of all is that eventually you who decide what is best. Our only task is limited to compare the two devices and give you all the data. Let’s go talking about some of the differences between them. » Read more

Eight keys to save when dressing

Eight keys to save

In 2015, nearly 6% of average household spending went to buy clothes and footwear

Reusing clothes, exchange clothes, go for basic, make lists … Notes tips to save time and have style dress without suffering the pocket.

Make lists and budgets

Well for purchase in physical stores or online, it is important to establish what we really need are clothes and make a list in order of priority. It is also very useful to set a maximum spending budget not to exceed the limit on our purchases and avoid cravings. » Read more

Meet seven neighborhoods in New York through its most iconic dishes

New York

If you have the very great fortune to travel to New York this coming Easter, surely at some point you have consulted a map with the most famous city districts: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown … In each, every corner of New York, there are hundreds of places that are worth knowing. And besides, hundreds of dishes worth trying. Today I’ll show seven of the most popular districts of the city, ideal for visiting them at lunchtime. » Read more

Reinvents Nike running shoe with LunarEpic Flyknit

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit

Nike has just released to market a somewhat different to what we are used shoe. As you can see, cutting the material of the shoe is completely homogeneous and up to the ankle. The appearance of the Flyknit LunerEpic is similar to a sock with sole.

The sole and midsole also draws attention, it looks like a cushion and be comfortable enough to give stride. Of course, a shoe that has wanted to go a step further and innovate in the field of running. » Read more

The 11 most beautiful train stations in Spain

Train stations in Spain

They are not only places of passage, sometimes train stations become monuments, works of art that appeal to travelers, transforming simple passenger curious observer. Having seen the most beautiful stations in the world, we stop at the 11 stations of Spain’s most beautiful train.

When the movement of travelers should pause to dwell on the details, when architecture becomes the protagonist, we face fine stations that lead us to different corners of the Spanish geography, from Bilbao to Jerez, through Madrid, Zamora, Almería.

Many of these stations are classified as “historical Seasons”, as they are emblematic buildings framed within the so-called Spanish Historical Heritage. » Read more

What car to buy if you want Android or Apple Auto carplay?

car to buy

One of the most interesting level interface connected car struggles is taking place in the connected car. After several generations that the manufacturers have tried to establish their own entertainment systems, Google and Apple with their respective systems Android Auto and carplay, are called to be the final winners.

In this 2016, it is set to hit the big online catalog and cars compatible with Android Auto and / or Apple carplay, but already there is a significant number of brands that make up one or two systems in some of their models. Let’s see what cars Android Auto and Apple carplay I can buy today…

Android Auto and carplay, the great battle in the car online

While both Android Auto and Apple carplay were presented in 2014, really until the following year we did not start to see some much-selected models that made these platforms. In this 2016, it is expected that the bulk of models of major brands and reach their entertainment systems and communication ready to choose one or both systems. » Read more

Why buy Foxconn Sharp?

Foxconn Sharp

Finally, it appeared to confirm an agreement had been brewing for some time: Foxconn has been made ​​with Sharp, why pay a total of 6,200 million dollars.

Sharp has long going through a difficult stage operational and financial level and after several offers by the famous Taiwanese manufacturer, the agreement finally was reached. Now Foxconn is made ​​with Sharp technology especially in the field of panels for mobile devices, and if there is a great additional benefit of the deal, this is Apple. Maybe this has been precisely the main motivation of Foxconn when investing this huge amount of money in the operation. » Read more

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