Lexus RX 450h: The hybrid SUV is now a more refined, precise and quiet car

Lexus RX 450h

The Lexus RX 450h is renewed now that the Japanese brand turned 30. It does it to polish more if it fits its attributes of comfort, softness and silence of march, while receiving some touch-ups at an aesthetic level, inside and in terms of its technological endowment. We have driven it and we tell you what it offers.

The Lexus RX has changed a lot since the first generation was put up for sale in 1998, creating the first premium hybrid SUV in history according to the Japanese brand. » Read more

Sportswear on sale: Items and shoes on sale that are worthwhile


There are only a few days left on sale, but that does not mean that we can no longer get bargains. Of course, we have to look very well and look for the offers that really deserve us.

In any case, if we are proposing to start doing sports in September or retake it, the blows of these sales can still allow us to get some clothes that are really worthwhile and that will be basic for our new sports course.

Basic garments to start or resume the sporting habit

Tights and pants

Choosing good tights or sports pants, with which we feel comfortable is a key part of good sports performance. For this, there are a number of things that we must consider before choosing. Among other things, it is important that the material is breathable, so as to allow ventilation as is the case with Puma gym pants.

Another important aspect that we should look at is seams. It is important that we get a pair of pants or tights that help us avoid chafing problems as much as we can. That is the case of Nike Tech meshes that we can find with 50% discount now.

In addition, if we want to ensure comfort, the fabric we choose should allow us a simple mobility and a good grip.


T-shirts are, as well as pants, one of the most important pieces of our training. When choosing a shirt we must consider whether we are going to train outdoors or in the gym, since the length of the sleeve and the material can depend on that.

If we are going to train outdoors in winter, it is interesting that we get a thermal material shirt, like the one we found in the Decathlon Kipsta brand, which is also breathable.

Indeed, regardless of whether we choose long or short sleeves, thermal fabric or not, it is very important that we obtain a breathable material such as pants. Nike Breathe t-shirts are specially designed for this from start to finish and we can find them with a 40% discount.

Jackets and sweatshirts

Both to go out to train outdoors, to go to and from the gym before and after training, jackets and sweatshirts are a key point. They will protect us from the wind, prevent us from getting cold and, if we need it, will help us not get wet in the rain.

For this, windproof jackets are ideal when going out to train on the street or if we are walking to the gym. It is important that they protect us inside and out, so if they are breathable and the inner material gives us heat, it would be ideal.

If we get a jacket with waterproof material, we will no longer have an excuse for not going out to play sports when it rains. Luckily, thanks to what is left of sales we can still find waterproof jackets of very good quality for a low price.

For some of us, sweatshirts are more comfortable than jackets, because they allow us more freedom of movement and do not rub. If you are in this group, a jacket of a breathable and warm material will help us to play sports also in winter and protect ourselves when we go out.

Sports bras

For any sport we do, women will need to get a good sports bra, since the normal ones are not prepared to resist the intensity of movements and sweat. In general, it is important that we make sure that the model we choose has a good grip.

Many of the sports bras that we find in the market already come with a predetermined strap length and cannot be modified. This fact can make them not comfortable for all women. Therefore, for some of us it can be interesting to get a sports bra with adjustable straps.


The shoes we buy must adapt to our needs, but also to the sport we are going to do and the terrain or type of soil on which we are going to do it.

In any case, an important aspect is that they are able to absorb the impact of our body on their sole, reducing pressure on our feet and the risk of injury. The Asics Gel Nimbus are considered one of the best shoes for this and we can find them discounted.

The resistance and support of the shoes we choose is also very relevant. Moreover, if as with the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14, they are versatile and we can use them in different activities even better.


As important as the shoes is to choose some good socks that help our feet perspire and avoid the risk of accumulation of sweat and bacteria.

Therefore it is important that the socks be as breathable as possible and keep our feet cool while we do sports. Currently, some socks like Newfell’s are made precisely for this purpose.

RRP in Decathlon

In addition to this, suitable socks will offer us an extra cushioning and support that will blend in with the effect of the sports shoes we use. Nike has made specific socks for this purpose and we can find them with 30% discount on their usual price.

5 dog breeds that surprise little dogs

dog breeds

Some dogs prefer a pat on the head. Others crave a massing service of physical attention. We hear about some races that have literally approached my welcoming category.

Get ready for some surprises – I left the list of choices for dog breeds. Some of the “most affectionate races”, such as the Labrador Retriever, off the island voted. Guess it’s time that we humans give these breeds the chance to put together credits for pampering.

1. Vizsla

dog breeds

First of all, we Vizsla are not sticky, dependent or needy. What we are is passionate about people. We were bred to hunt and recover in the forest, in the field and in the water. But while we are true athletes, what we want most about the goal is love and a lot. But don’t roll your eyes. After all, I bet that the humans of the Olympics wake up embracing their loved ones too. And I don’t think we’re too old to be little dogs. We weigh only around 50 pounds, and we can shoot in a narrow heckuva ball.

As for me, I like to sit on the lap of my human being with my front legs on his shoulders. At the least, I rest my head on the feet of a family member. But yes, people who crave personal space can be overwhelmed by us. Apparently, the Hungarian aristocracy was not. They have developed us for love and for hunting, and we excel in both.

2. Boston Terrier

dog breeds

Now, despite my misleading name, I’m not technically in the Terrier group. I was, however, bred by Terrier lines, and would like to see other types of Terriers entering the super-duper affectionate list. I’m bursting with affection for my family. I embrace the cuddles and cuddle them with the best of them. And not to fuck my horn, but I’m extroverted, lovable, funny, kind and generous with kisses.

Raised almost exclusively for company, I am called the American gentleman, partly because my coloring seems apparently human smoking. It’s flattering, but how about if we change? From now on, could you call me the affectionate aristocrat?

3. Great Dane

dog breeds

I happily admit that all the cartoons and photos of us that are nestling with the family on the sofas are accurate (though, yes, sometimes comic) illustrations of our loving temperament. Weighing about 150 pounds, we are a gigantic breed with a huge desire for family love relatives.

As for our heritage, we were developed in Germany (not in Denmark, by the way) to hunt wild boar and protect property. Today we will still warn you about neophytes in general, but our main occupation is camaraderie. We bond closely with families who appreciate a strong dose of affection and at least humor us when we pretend to be dairy dogs from time to time.

4. Greyhound

dog breeds

So, I guess when you go up the steps of a house with a greyhound, you expect to find an active breed that runs around. Well, it could be the case if you stop during the short session a day we want to run. But more often than not, you’ll find me curled up in a ball, quietly sleeping next to my favorite human. I am not excessively needy (I can actually rest alone during the day rather well), but I delight in sharing warmth and physical affection with my special humans.

While we are an ancient race known for its remarkable speed, we are also renowned for our kind spirit. Ah yes, but one last comment: keep in mind that as a result of centuries of farming, I have an innate instinct to chase small animals. So if I’m hugging you comfortably in the hammock, you might want to make sure the courtyard gate is closed!

5. Boxer

dog breeds

Flourishing with human interaction, we have worked alongside man for centuries. You humans seem to enjoy the image of us on our hind legs, but the odds are that it’s more fiction than reality. We are, however, known athletes, developed long ago to hunt and keep the prey. We have worked hard even in the world wars.

So yes, we are powerful and sporty. But as the Vizsla rightly explained, athletes also crave affection. We have a silly gene and we’ll do anything for a laugh from our family. Furthermore, we love having fun in the family, but especially children. We like the bizarre kisses of the little ones as promptly as we give them.

Which wedding rings to choose?

wedding rings

The rings accompany the most important moments of your life, they exalt them, and over time, they will be witnesses of promises and sincere feelings.

Maybe you never thought about it. Maybe you are not a romantic type but would like to do something special to crown your love story and you don’t know how to do it. Yet you know that you don’t like being the same as everyone else, that’s why you always try to put your personal touch in all your choices, how you dress, where you go on vacation, what you read, how you want other people to see you.

Just look for the opportunity to express yourself and you would like the ring, the symbol of your love, to be unique and special.

The engagement ring

The handing over of the engagement ring is one of the most intense and delicate moments of life: it is the moment of the Promise that two people make a commitment to each other and no one for that moment wants any ring.

Tradition has it that man is the one who donates the ring to his girlfriend but now nothing is taken for granted or immutable. Many men create the magic moment and decide to choose the ring together with their woman.

wedding rings

The wedding rings

Wedding rings are the concrete sign of love and mutual fidelity. They are the rings that probably accompany you throughout your life, they have engraved the name of the person you married and with whom you will live all the adventures of the new family.

Who should give wedding rings as gifts? There are different traditions in the world, very often they are the witnesses of the couple who offer to give the rings as gifts. For example, in the USA there is a tradition of giving the engagement ring together with the wedding ring, which is kept intact until the wedding day. Once married, they are welded together with the solitaire. The two rings become inseparable!

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Symbolic and ethical importance of the rings

The rings are very important objects that accompany the most important moments of your life, they exalt them, and over time, they will be witnesses of promises and sincere feelings. This is why the rings are so important for those who choose and wear them.

More and more people now choose special rings for themselves and for the person they love, handmade by hand, because they feel the desire to carry on their hands an object made with passion and work and not simply a catalog item, maybe beautiful but maybe a somewhat anonymous and cold.

However, only a few choose to have a personalized ring made. They are people who love to take care of the person they love and the gift they want to give them. They are not satisfied with choosing from a catalog, but they dream of creating an object that witnesses their feelings with metals and precious stones.

They want to devote time to the design of the ring, embellish it with details of their love story and accompany the artist in the realization of the object which will then shine forever on the hand of the person to whom one loves.

More and more people want their own ring with an ethical diamond (or more than one), whose provenance is certified, to have a guarantee that workers have not been exploited for their extraction (ethical diamond rings).

If you are reading these few lines, you are probably trying to understand what your style is even when choosing a ring. You can choose a ring that you have proposed in some store, that you have seen in some magazine or movie, or that you have noticed on the hand of other people.

Now you know that if you want you can also choose to have a ring that comes from some detail of your love story, which is created by the hands of an artist just for you and that will be a unique piece in the world.

It’s up to you then: what ring does your love story deserve?

Cyberpunk 2077: The colossal RPG in the first person of CD Projekt RED

Cyberpunk 2077

January 2013. It was still two years before CD Projekt RED conquered the genre of RPGs with The Witcher III. Geralt de Rivia had not been crowned as one of the maximum references in a matter of fantasy and swords and the study was already beginning to make shade by showing his next project. A trailer, a word and four figures: Cyberpunk 2077.

Why start talking your next game so soon? We want to think that the ad itself was too mind-boggling to not feel excited and share. Enough to blow our heads off, but leaving us with our feet on the ground with a warning: it will come out when it is finished. Well, Cyberpunk 2077 is quite likely to be the Sistine Chapel of the Polish studio.

A project simmered, of course, but we must also bear in mind that Cyberpunk 2077 is postulated as the most ambitious videogame of the current generation. Older words, especially coming from a CD Projekt RED that unleashes his inexhaustible talent when something is his passion. As for example, the original Cyberpunk.    

The playable adaptation of Mike Pondsmith’s work was a dream combination: it is no secret that Polish studio is passionate about role-playing games, and that future ruled by mega-corporations had stimulated the imagination of half the world, including Ghost in the Shell of Masamune Shirow, the film Blade Runner or the acclaimed game saga Deux Ex. The expectations were (and still are) outside the orbit.

And no wonder, CD Projekt RED has set itself the goal of being the definitive adaptation of Pondsmith’s work, and that means moving through swampy waters: we will change the papers full of numbers and crossed out as well as the whim of some dice by controls, mice and keyboards, but the real challenge of these digital rolemasters is to create the perfect game.

One that, as in the classic experience, is capable of filling the imagination and the thirst for adventures of the players of all the life, the passionate ones by the RPGs of consoles and desks and all that one that is arranged to play the gaznate putting the noses in the city of Night City.

From paper and dice to ray tracing: A RPG in the first person

Coincidence or not, Cyberpunk 2077 will go on sale in 2020, the year in which the events of the dystopian future imagined by Pondsmith take place. In fact, there is a continuity between the two and we are ahead of us will appear characters from Cyberpunk 2020 lore despite the fact that, in this case, the action takes place 57 years later. How is it possible? Well, let’s say that cybernetic implants have become an obsession … and the implant that grants immortality will be ours in this adventure.

Mike Pondsmith himself is fully involved in the project, an unbeatable endorsement for the fidelity of this adaptation, but also a challenge for development …

  • The game will put at our disposal all kinds of RPG (Crag, mercenary, netrunner, executive, nomadic …), which not only affect our attributes and abilities, but also essential in the face of experience offering lines dialogue and exclusive situations.
  • However, unlike other RPGs, we will not have the option to choose class / profession at the beginning of the game. According to Kyle Rowley of CD Projekt RED, the class system is fluid and will depend on our choices: there will be three main classes: Netrunner, Techie and Solo and we can combine them to access optional classes that we can add to our class.

The feeling of freedom and free will is the basis on which the idea and experience itself is sustained. Cyberpunk 2077 takes us to a megapolis obsessed with power, glamor and body modification, yes, and although we will be exposed to all kinds of threats and interests, CD Projekt RED ensures that the story will depend on our own decisions. What’s more, annihilating other enemies will be totally optional.

In fact, the level of freedom is so advanced that even if we fail a mission we will not lose the game: the world will follow its course and we will only leave it when we finish the game session or we are eliminated. CD Projekt RED completely leaves aside the failed mission screens of other open worlds and welcomes the authentic role. To that in which we will have to give everything at all times and in which not only our decisions count, but also our actions and failures.

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On the other hand, the visual section of Cyberpunk 2077 will be absolutely transgressive. Beyond the ambition and the details, the Polish studio will take advantage of the ray tracing for its next project, confirming a very suggestive alliance with GeForce that, being optimistic, we can even enjoy in the next generation of consoles thanks to the retrocompatibility.

“Ray tracking allows us to recreate, in a very realistic way, the behavior of light in crowded urban environments,” said Adam Badowski, director of the CD studio PROJEKT RED. “Thanks to this technology, we can add another layer of light. Depth and verticality to the already impressive magacity in which the game takes place.”

With that in front, how to play Cyberpunk 2077? In essence, we will discover the best and the worst of the city of Night City in the first person, emphasizing at all times that -though there will be shots and projectiles- it is not a shooter.

The reason why you have opted for the view in the first person is twofold …

  • On the one hand, we want to offer the player a total immersion in the experience. Do not live from outside, but from within and appreciate the small details that make the difference in this world. Something that would not be achieved through other perspectives.
  • On the other, to give more burden to the corporal modifications. Through this view we can see how effects and consequences of implant use manifest, access information or allow us to take advantage of the unique possibilities of the game.

Something very convenient, if we consider that V, our protagonist and alter-ego in the game, will be who we want and how we want. We can define its appearance and modifications, but also its character. And yes, you will have a voice and a predisposition of your own that will be established during the creation of the character. After all,   Cyberpunk 2077 is a pure role.   

Welcome to Night City: The new capital of sin

As important as the playable proposal of Cyberpunk 2077 is the open world that we will have at our disposal. CD Projekt RED anticipates that Night City will be a city that will establish a new reference in visual quality, complexity and depth. And the first gameplays of the game give us an idea of the magnitude of what is being talked about.

The priority of the more than 400 workers involved in the development of the game was the creation of Night City itself, a totally fictitious city that would be located between San Francisco and Los Angeles with a layer of noir cut in terms of setting and that, in design issue, combines the style of both cities.

Our open world, which will have complete cycles of day and night, always radiates color thanks to the enormous presence of futuristic neons, offering a very distinctive atmosphere. To which we must add a second essential element: While The Witcher III and other maps are horizontally huge, Cyberpunk 2077 will be vertically huge.

In terms of volume, we still do not have clear the dimensions of the mapping, but we can expect six large districts with their respective sub districts and the Badlands, the huge area that makes up the surroundings of the city. Of course, to deal with it we will have all kinds of vehicles ranging from motorcycles, cars, taxis and even Kyle Rowley has come to suggest the possibility of controlling flying cars.

However, the third element that the experience will drink will be its inhabitants. Although our games will be conditioned to our decisions and actions, CD Projekt RED has not saved in means to fill Night City with identity through the souls that swarm through it: while the mega-corporates quench their thirst for power, the bands of each district disputes control of the underworld.

And in the middle of that spiral of ambitions, we, a mercenary pursuing a unique implant that allows us to achieve immortality. Fortunately, we will not be alone: the character played by Keanu Reeves will be the second most dialogue will have in the game. And his cover letter already tells us that he has big plans for Night City.

And beware, there is an internal roadmap to expand content. Although, at the moment the priority of CD Projekt RED is -logically- to launch the game.  

Cyberpunk 2077: Date, Availability and Editions

Six years and six months after showing its first trailer, Cyberpunk 2077 already has an official release date and platforms: the next big CD Projekt RED will hit Xbox One, PS4, GOG, Steam and the Epic Games Store on April 16 from 2020.

In a matter of editions all reservations are open. At the time of writing these lines fata the Epic Games Store, although we have reason to believe that it will appear in it as soon as the promotion of digital sales is fulfilled.

On the other hand,   the physical copies of the game on PC and consoles include interesting extras.

Ecobee thermostat: The SmartThermostat has support for Alexa and to access audio via streaming

Ecobee thermostat

Now that we prepare for the arrival of summer, Extreme temperatures can be commonplace in our day to day, so having an air conditioning system in the home can be a solution for overcoming the inconveniences that this changing climate can generate.

An air conditioning in which the use of a thermostat is fundamental, being even better if it is an intelligent thermostat. It is the way to control the temperature at home from anywhere, even if we are absent from home and at the same time, benefit from our daily use to learn and be more proactive. This is what the new Ecobee thermostat promises.

A new model in which the company leaves aside the nomenclature based on numbers as in previous models and opts for a new type of names. The new model comes under the name of SmartThermostat.

Ecobee thermostat

With a very clean and polished design, the SmartThermostat includes an LCD-type touch screen with glass cover that facilitates the control of the most common parameters if we do not want to use the controls by voice or through the mobile application Ecobee, available on iOS and Android. The connection is made thanks to the support of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for dual band Wi-Fi.

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Ecobee has made efforts to improve the control of temperature and for this it has included a sensor capable of controlling the temperature but also detecting the movement. This allows you to know if there is any person in the room and adjust the temperature.

A model this SmartThermostat in which highlights the inclusion of voice support to use Alexa and voice controls so that it is easier to use without having to use our hands. In this way and only with verbal commands we can control the temperature, turn off or turn on the air conditioning … and if we have a compatible speaker, make a call or send a message from the device.

To offer these functions, the SmartThermostat includes a digital microphone accompanied by an AI system that is responsible for improving natural language processing and speech detection.

Ecobee thermostat

In addition, the new SmartThermostat allows thanks to the inclusion of a loudspeaker, its use to listen to streaming audio services music case of Spotify (it is compatible with Spotify Connect), Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and TuneIn. And if you do not want to use the thermostat audio, you can always transmit the music to a speaker thanks to the new compatibility with Bluetooth connectivity.

The SmartThermostat offers an advantage over other alternatives and is that it does not require an electrical outlet nearby, because it includes a battery that grants autonomy that the manufacturer figures in five years.

Price and availability

The SmartThermostat is already on sale on the manufacturer’s website and on specialized shop pages for a price of $ 249.

Clinique ID, personalized moisturizers, the ultimate in skin care

Clinique ID

Clinique was already the pioneer in 1968 to create a routine of personalized skin care with its iconic 3-step system. Clinique now, goes a step further, and allows us to customize the moisturizer that best suits our skin, Clinique ID.

Clinique ID, is the new revolutionary skin care system that allows us to customize our moisturizer. This new line has been created to address the different skin types and their needs. » Read more

The Audi A4 2019: Aesthetic changes, micro hybridization and V6 TDi for the S4

Audi A4 2019

Although the market compass points in the SUV direction, the big European manufacturers still have a blind faith in their traditional sedans. The Audi A4 is one of the most representative samples of this sector and is reinforced in 2019 with a new model that improves in all its aspects.

The new Audi A4 is the answer of the four rings to the offensive of its compatriots with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. To become strong the Ingolstadt also receives a more dynamic aesthetic a new technological package, microhybrid versions and the new S4 diesel with V6 TDi engine. » Read more

H & M teaches us to blow good ideas with the simplest looks

H & M

Sometimes in the simplicity of things we find the key to success and it has always been said / commented that in terms of fashion “less is more”. Today H & M shows us how that statement is more than evident and does so with a savoir faire where simple styling can help us to give us (good) ideas this coming season. With clothes that at first glance do not have much what, the brand ends up proposing perfect combinations to look at all hours. » Read more

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