MINI is almost ready its plug-in hybrid Countryman

With the almost complete development process, MINI showed itself in its first model plug -in hybrid, based on a MINI Countryman second generation, which will be realized in the near future. It is a MINI combining a combustion engine and an electric, allowing a completely electrically conductive. Although it is still shown with camouflage, and reveals features as the charging socket on the left front flipper.

mini-is-almost-ready-its-plug-in-hybrid-countrymanAccording to the signing of the BMW Group, the model looks some changes typical of such a special version, as a start button and engine stop backlit green instead of red- the model always starts in electric- a load meter in instead of the classic tachometer or counter with kilometers of electric range available, among other things.

While there are just details about this plug Countryman (Countryman E?), There is talk that the propulsion system could be the same as in the BMW 225xe introduced last year, i.e. a 1.5-liter turbocharged three – cylinder with an electric thruster 88 hp. In the case of BMW the result is 224 hp and 385 Nm, with an electric range of about 41 kilometers.

Among the limited information provided by MINI highlights the fact that the electric motor sends its power to the rear axle as in the 225xe-, while the combustion moves forward and therefore can operate as a front – wheel drive a propulsion or all – wheel drive. The high – voltage battery, which incidentally is located under the rear seats of the MINI, allows the vehicle to achieve in electric mode speeds up to 125 km/h, so its electric mode is not limited only to a purely urban use.

In addition, MINI promises a good level of performance and fun to typical wheel of their models, since nothing changes to chassis and suspension level compared to conventional versions. Indeed, the incorporation of battery and electric motor mounted on the vehicle very low, reduces the center of gravity and therefore should not worsen behavior, despite the extra weight.

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