From Dream to Theme: Planning a Vintage Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. From the reception, to the ceremony itself, everything must be perfect. Many people want to create a themed event to show off some individual style, which takes lots of planning.

A vintage wedding theme is particularly fashionable at the moment. Introducing some retro style from the 20s, 40s, 60s or maybe 70s, with a modern twist.

You may simply want to add a few vintage details into your wedding, picking out one or two elements, or go the whole hog and take guests right back in time. Consider the decoration, outfits, invitation design, transport, favours and photography.

The first step is to choose an era – each has its own unique features. For example, the 20s and that Hollywood party feel – rock up in a Rolls-Royce for an elegant banquet, with gents in tuxedos and ladies in flirty flapper fashion. Recreate the 60s in Audrey Hepburn sleek, feminine style or the 70s with an extravagant disco theme. The little details will really bring everything together. Look for vintage wedding ideas at Style and the Bride and on other online sources of inspiration.


Whichever era you choose for your event, why not extend this theme to your photography. Your wedding photographer should be happy to help you achieve this – from the family portraits of the 50s, to the blur and casual colours of the 70s, the effect can be spectacular. Before the big day you might like to discuss a few style scenarios with the photographer to make sure you capture something really special.

From Dream to Theme

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Other Details

You can ensure your wedding soundtrack also matches the theme by carefully selecting some classic tracks from the era. For example, Frank Sinatra is perfect for a 50s inspired wedding day. However, don’t forget guest may also want to dance and have fun, so it’s essential to add party music into the mix.

The bride’s dress is traditionally one of the centrepieces of the day and should reflect the theme. There are some beautiful vintage dresses available to buy off the rack, or failing that, plenty of designers are more than happy to use their creativity to make something truly unique. Don’t forget to choose the groom’s suit to match!

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