7 trends on the wedding banquet that you can not ignore in 2019

wedding banquet

Among the various trends that are peeping into this New Year and that will help you plan the wedding of your dreams, there is the one of the banquet. Here are ready for you 7 must-have must-haves that you cannot ignore!

We are now accustomed to the moment when fashion houses launch the new collections of wedding dresses, we have the antennas bristled to understand what will be the nuance that Pantone will launch in the new year to color the stands and bouquets of flowers but today we want to dwell on a very precise appearance. What will the trends that will accompany the wedding banquets in 2019? An article of pure inspiration in which to start dreaming and designing starting from these 7 points. » Read more

14 things that nobody tells you before buying your wedding dress

wedding dress

We know that it is one of the most stressful moments, we decided to tell you what no one is going to tell you but that you will appreciate knowing.

The day is coming when you will achieve your happy ending.

You want everything to be perfect, just as you have always dreamed.

But to achieve this you spend months organizing everything.

And maybe the most exciting (and stressful) part is getting the dress. » Read more

Wedding in September in sight? 17 guest dresses with which to dazzle

Wedding guest dresses

The wedding in September have some nostalgic charm, which makes them very special. However, for the guests it can be a puzzle to choose the ideal dress for the wedding. The summer ones may be too cool and still too hot for a winter dress. Thankfully, most stores have a special collection for wedding guests at this time of year. » Read more

Groom suits: The fashion trends for 2017

Groom suits

The groom’s suit is not always equal to itself. From Armani to Pignatelli, the new trends for the fashion of the 2017 groom.

How will the ceremonial dress of the bride and groom in this 2017 just started? For those convolve wedding in the spring / summer or next fall, the game is still to be played. And we pass the ball, the most important fashion trends for inspiration dictated by the most famous designers such as Armani and Pignatelli. Do not miss the new proposals dedicated to those who still think that the groom’s suit is always equal to itself. » Read more

10 things guests expect there at your wedding


It is well known that once you give invitations, your guests are most excited to discover all that awaits them on the big day. We know you’re the star, but there is no doubt that they are the ones who tend to have even more fun on the date you’ve both dreamed. Although we would not want to base the organization of the big day on expectations of attendees if you want to comment what are the 10 things we all hope to find on your wedding day. Take note! » Read more

Furniture rental for events, a great choice

Furniture rental

Emotion, tension and happiness are some of the many feelings that intermingle on our wedding day, that moment when remonstrant marriage with the person who has shown us his unconditional love. To prepare for this event so magical we give some tips for the decoration of this event a success and where you will be able to carry out the rent chairs and tables for catering holiday.

The bridal decoration plays a key role in determining the tone of the party and the image that show each and every one of our guests to the wedding celebration. » Read more

Advantages of organizing the ceremony and reception in the same space

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony and reception in the same place can save you more than a bad headache if you know organize. Here are some advantages that can benefit if this become a full alternative.

As the years pass, more and more couples who opt for spaces such as hotels, palaces or houses, prepared to host the ceremony and the banquet. In them you will find everything you need to celebrate your wedding completely without equipment moves from one place to another and use their time better. » Read more

Tips for buying a prom dress

Prom Dress

My mom was visiting, and when this happens it means to go shopping! Walking through a recognized store, we were watching section gowns. That’s when I wondered how long have I not seen the most for an event? Uffff centuries! … So … who gets married out there?

If you have an event, marriage or any celebration formal, it is necessary to use a gown.Which is a concern for many women, as not all know what we do best.  » Read more

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