15 games to play whole family

15 games to play

Evenings with family games are more fun, that’s an irrefutable truth but do not think that I speak only games with mom and dad, I talk about games for the whole family and even friends. Today I bring no less than 15 games to play with the whole family, for teams, couples, as we want and depending on us to get together.

15 games for the evenings of holidays, some are newer and others something less, because sometimes revisit some of our games, those of life, can give “long game” (what I like to me these games words, hear).

Going on holiday often means that we meet or agree with part of the family we cannot see every day or at least frequently. Family meals that can end with one of these games for digestion is done to the rhythm of laughter, competition and wholesome family fun. » Read more

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