LEGO Harry Potter: The LEGO Building Sets with All New Playsets

LEGO Harry Potter

Non you received a letter from Hogwarts?

Don’t worry, we think LEGO makes you travel in the mythical world of Harry Potter with the new collection of playsets inspired by the saga of the most famous wizard in history.

Three playsets will be directly linked to the original franchise, two will be linked to the new line of Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them. » Read more

Toys For Children 3-5 Years Buy Online

Toys For Children 3-5 Years

Children aged 3 to 5 love to play all day long, children who need to move, to be outdoors, to have fun in a carefree way, but also to discover the world and then make use of educational support that help in this venture. That’s why countless games for children of this age are available. Let’s go together to discover all the types of games available and their most important features (here instead the guide to toys for children aged 5 to 7 years). » Read more

Toys To Foster Manual Dexterity

Toys Manual Dexterity

We have many skills and manual dexterity games to contribute to the motor development of children, their coordination, space skills, organization and communication with others. Today, we want to concentrate on garden toys, because with the warm and good weather they want to play outdoors, and it is also a good excuse for the kids to do physical activity. » Read more

Inflatable Pools for Children

Inflatable Pools

With the summer season, nothing is as fun as the Pools Inflatable Kids, both because it allow you to play outdoors and be used even if you do not have much space available. Below we look at the recommended summer products, not only pools Inflatable Intex, but ache for many products such as sea buoy Intex panty or Inflatable Castle … » Read more

What to give for Christmas? The most recommended toys for each age


Christmas is here, a very special time for the kids. In a few days the children will receive, toys have asked in their letters and perhaps those who have not asked. Sometimes they may not be the most suitable for them, so that you may have guaranteed success we are going to talk about what the most recommended toys for each age are.

It is very important that the choice of toy is age-appropriate for the child at every stage of development has different skills and abilities. If we give a small child a toy for older children, you may feel frustrated and not use it. Otherwise, if we offer you a small toy for an older child will get bored and end up putting it off. » Read more

LEGO Castle Disney presents a set of amazing collector

LEGO Castle Disney

When five months ago we told you that LEGO had allied with Disney to launch a collection of minifigures we knew they would be coming up with much more, but few could imagine that to be the flagship Disney castle.

Which appears in all his films, which is flown by Bell while fireworks decorate a magical sky, which welcomes visitors to the Disney parks, LEGO has introduced a set of amazing collector, more than 4,000 pieces, for collectors lovers Disney universe. » Read more

Ten tips for choosing the most suitable toys for children

toys for children

The perfect toy is one that stimulates their imagination and helps them grow playing

A ‘meets’, a communion, a special achievement, the Kings … They are occasions when children become protagonists, often accompanied by gifts Although not the only ones. Outside special occasions, toys are a fundamental part of childhood, aimed to inspire his creative universe, expand their imagination and enhance one of the great benefits of being child face adulthood.

The recreational activities often evolve to ‘burn’ stages, and although the human mind is programmed to experiment with different forms of gambling throughout life, none as childhood these activities are an integral part of the process personal growth. Therefore choose toys the child, whether a gift for our children, nephews or godchildren, either as a further addition to its small world, is a task that require careful thinking, and in entering various factors in Game. » Read more

How to choose toys for children

Choose toys for children

If you are careful of mothers, you know very well that children’s toys are very important and therefore should be carefully chosen in order to avoid problems which I will talk in the next paragraphs. Read the guide to know characteristics, types, and how to choose safe toys for children depending on the criteria of quality, price and accurate information for the consumer.


A toy is an object that is used in the course of a game. The toys usually associated with children and puppies, but it is not unusual that even adults or non-domesticated animals have fun with the toys. Many objects are produced specifically for this use, but also objects produced for other purposes they can be used as toys. A child can pick up an object from home and “make it fly”, pretending to be an airplane, or an animal can play with a pine cone beating us over the paw or tossing it in the air. Some toys are produced primarily for collectors and not to play. The origin of toys dating back to prehistoric times; dolls representing infants, animals, and soldiers, as well as imitations of tools used by adults are readily found at archaeological sites. The origin of the word “toy” is unknown, but is believed to have been used for the first time in the 14th century. » Read more

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