Sightings in Welsh Coast Campervans

Most people travel to different countries to see the beautiful sight of a dolphin in it’s natural environment. But many people in the UK are not aware that you can see these beautiful creatures just off the Welsh coast.

Once you have your transport and accommodation sorted (and for a combination of the two take a look at ), the next most important thing is to figure out what you are going to do and what better way to spend your time on the coast that sight-seeing for Dolphins. This takes some patience but is an incredibly rewarding sight.

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Bottle-nosed dolphins are highly intelligent mammals and incredibly friendly and playful. Their sociability is also shown in the fact that they live in large groups which can be made up of same sex or mixed sex individuals. Their very survival relies on their ability to interact well with one another. They work together to hunt, give birth and raise their young and tend to one another when they are sick.

Dolphins are very playful, and they can often be seen rubbing up against each other and picking up small rocks or coral from the seabed and deliberately dropping it to watch it fall. This further confirms their intelligent nature. They often jump out of the water to look for the location of seabirds as this help to identify where the shoals of fish can be found.

Some interesting facts about these creatures include:

  • They are born with only one set of teeth to last them their entire lifetime
  • The females breathe whilst sleeping by lying on the water surface, but the males sleep under the surface and momentarily ‘bob’ up to the surface occasionally to breath as a reflex action.
  • Dolphins hunt fish in an organised manner, pushing the shoals into a dense mass causing the fish to become confused and try to escape.
  • A female pregnancy lasts for 10-12 months
  • When delivering the baby a mother will be surrounded by a number of ‘midwife’ dolphins to help protect both her and her new-born from predator attacks.
  • A dolphin can live for up to 50 years.
  • They use echo-location as a means of communication.

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Dolphin and humans have come into conflict for the same fish food source and numerous dolphins have been caught and died in fisherman’s nets. Some dolphins have also become beached on coastline. It is thought that this may be due to their echo-location being upset by ships depth sounders, causing them to become confused about their surroundings and then their distress calls draw other dolphins to them.

Although we are continually learning about these animals there is still much about their life we do not understand. Despite this a dolphin sighting is definitely something to add to your to do list.

What to look for in a great VoIP provider?

You’re probably already aware of the advantages that setting up a VoIP service can have for your business. As well as increasing productivity, using a VoIP network can also save you money. However, not all VoIP providers are the same. Some may charge you unfavourable rates, or else insist on unnecessary or insecure equipment. To ensure that you get the very best from your VoIP service, here are the things to look out for when choosing a VoIP provider.

They have a plan for outages

The performance of your VoIP system is dependent on the performance of the network through which it runs. The occasional outage is inevitable with most networks, but ensure that you ask any prospective VoIP service provider what backup plans they have in place to deal with loss of connectivity and other network issues.

They cater specifically to business customers

When selecting a VoIP provider for your business, it can be tempting to focus solely on wholesale VoIP termination rates. However, it’s also important to survey the other features offered by your chosen provider and ensure that they meet the needs of your business.

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Some VoIP services are geared more towards the needs of consumers than towards business customers. These providers tend to have a limited range of services. Business class VoIP providers, such as, may offer software and device integration, custom routing and daily testing to ensure the stability of your service.

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They guarantee quality

Research by Georgia State University cites jitter and packet loss as two of the biggest factors in poor VoIP call quality. The best VoIP service providers will outline the exact parameters of call quality that they intend to provide, including a limit on the amount of jitter or latency that you can expect to experience. When a defined standard for call quality is established in this fashion both you and your provider can be certain of your expectations. This is often referred to as a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

A clear, well-defined SLA is a great sign that you’re looking at a good VoIP service provider. In most cases, if they are unable for any reason to provide a service that matches up to the standards mapped out in the SLA, these service providers will offer a refund of some kind for that period of time.

How to choose the right sewing machine

If you’re in the market for a new sewing machine, it can seem like a bit of a minefield. Whether you’re looking to make simple clothes or something more complex like curtains, it’s important to make the job as simple as possible by choosing the right machine for you. Here are some questions you want to answer in determining which one is the machine for your needs:

For Beginners or Occasional Use

A basic model is probably all you’ll need if you only plan to create small, easy projects, are just starting out or intend to only use it to mend items. A model with a variety of foot attachments will be useful if you want to complete tasks like inserting a zip. Foots like buttonhole and ones for delicate fabrics are also useful to have. A choice of several different stitches is a minimum requirement, even for beginners.

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Machines for Dressmaking

If you want to use a machine for dressmaking or you think the machine will be subjected to a lot of use, you might want to consider a mid-range machine. If you plan to make more complex garments or soft furnishings, for example, you’ll benefit most from a machine with a wider variety of features and settings. You’ll need to ensure your machine has a free arm, an over locking stitch and a machine that can cope with heavier fabric. You’ll want a bigger selection of feet and if your budget allows, a computerised machine can be really useful. For a wide selection of Dressmaking Fabric, provide a range of dressmaking fabric.

Machines for Embroidery

For those who are serious about creating beautiful embroidery and have a sizeable budget, you’ll probably want a computerised, top-end model or even a specialised embroidery machine. Machines like these can operate three different thread colours at the same time but can cost in excess of £800. For downloading stitch programs, you’ll also need access to a computer and memory card.

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High-Use and Professional

A machine that will be in almost constant use or needs to produce professional quality items, a high-end model is the only option. A computerised model is essential, particularly for repetitive work as stitches can be programmed. You’ll need a machine capable of handling heavy duty fabric, so you can make anything and everything. Running a business requires considerable investment and if this is your main machine, you won’t want to skimp on the features and settings you need to make your business a success.

Four Ways to Retain Existing Customers

Many business strategies are often focused on acquiring new customers, and while this is an important aspect of company growth, it neglects the notion of retaining customers. Whether you have a small or large business, existing customers are more likely to continue buying from you – not to mention it costs more to find new customer rather than concentrating your efforts on the ones you have. The question is: how to do it?

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Invest in Customer Services

Ensuring that you have good customer service and in store music is essential for getting customers to interact with a company. Providing answers to their problems and listening to what they say is crucial to knowing what they expect from your company. When choosing brands, customers rely on an efficient service, and this is one of the reasons they’ll return to a company. Additionally, good customer service will create brand ambassadors, who will vouch for your company’s products and how good they are.

Get Personal

Treating customers as individuals is likely to impress them and make them feel that they matter to your business. You can do this by sending messages that are tailored to their experiences rather than an automated email that reaches everyone.

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Create Micro Moments

Micro moments are those times when a customer instinctively turns to a mobile device in order to fulfil an instantaneous need. Subsequently, this will help your business to enhance a connection with customers so that they’re given what they need. Micro moments include ‘I need help’ or ‘I want to buy’ and can improve your understanding of what the customer is experiencing and how to make this better. Engaging with your customers in this way can be helped further by employing the services of companies such as to ensure you maximise your customers’ experiences.

Reward Loyal Customers

You can provide your customers with a reason to continue being loyal by offering them discounts or offers or by adding value to the experience they receive from you. There are many different options to consider when targeting customers who have stayed with you the longest: think about introducing a loyalty scheme or, alternatively, start a club so they have access to information or events that wouldn’t be available to new customers. Whatever you decide, it’s guaranteed to make your loyal customers feel good about your business.

How will voice search affect your SEO?

Smart assistants are on the rise, moving from mobile devices to in-home devices. This means that more people are using their voice to make search queries than ever before.

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Analysts predict that Amazon’s Alexa alone could be worth $10 billion (£7.6 billion) by the end of the decade. This poses a problem from an SEO perspective, forcing sites to think about how they optimise to account for these changing search habits that are reshaping the industry.

So how can you get ahead of the curve and leverage the voice search trend effectively, rather than being outmanoeuvred by better prepared rivals?

Pinpoint appropriate customer questions

Voice search encourages a long form approach to question-asking, rather than the concise methods favoured in the past by Google’s text-focused solution. This means that rather than considering keywords that will be impactful with your audience, you need to establish the more expansive questions they are likely to be asking their smart assistants.

This is effectively a return to the early era of internet search, before users had been trained into minimalism. Content created with key questions in mind will be more impactful in the age of voice search.

Optimise for snippet inclusion

With Google’s own voice assistant, questions asked by users are often answered from the Featured Snippet on the search engine, since the old list-based ranking system is not useful when an answer is being delivered by speech.

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Actually getting your content into a Featured Snippet may be tricky, but you can start to think about making this achievable by formatting it in a way that will appeal to Google’s algorithms and ensuring that it can be replicated effectively as an answer to a spoken question. Working with experts in SEO, like those at London SEO agency Elevate UK, will help you begin this process.

Avoid rigidity

An obvious but important point to consider when gearing up for voice search dominance is that this remains a fledgling area of the wider search market, and so should not yet be considered a defining element of SEO, nor something with a fixed set of rules to be followed.

Because of this, you should not get sucked into early claims about how algorithms behave now, or will do in the future. Just focus on crafting quality content that caters to users’ needs.

5 more essential work items to keep in your van

Anyone who wants to make their van the most effective working environment available on the move will need to add these five items to their wish list.

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Snow emergency kit

If the white stuff piles up unexpectedly and leaves you trapped on a motorway or country lane without easy access to assistance, being able to help yourself out with a cold weather survival kit will be a welcome relief.

You will need clothing and blankets to keep warm if you simply cannot get your van on the move again. If you need to achieve traction in slippery conditions, an old piece of carpet or a welcome mat placed under each wheel will overcome the worst of the winter. Also, add a scraper to the glove box so that snow and ice can be removed if they have formed while you are stuck. A pot of Vaseline, applied to the rubber seals which rim each door, will keep them from freezing, while WD-40 will do the same for locks.

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You never know when you might need to spend more time in your van than you would like, so keeping food and water onboard makes sense in every season of the year. This is not just about fighting hunger, but ensuring you are mentally prepared for driving.

First aid supplies

Compact first aid kits designed for use in vans and other vehicles are widely sold, so snap one up and familiarise yourself with its contents. If you have purchased products like plylining from sites including then you should know where to look for safety products and more.

There was actually a rise in road deaths last year, even as accidents fell, so a first aid kit could make a big difference.

Backup clothing

Aside from being useful in colder weather, having a change of clothes to hand in your van can be crucial in other settings. For example, if dirt, grime and other stains spoil your getup, you can slip into clean duds when you arrive at your destination.

Writing material

Relying on your mobile or tablet computer to take notes is all well and good, but with a pen and a notepad in your van you can make doubly sure that relevant information is always at your fingertips even in the event of a battery failure.

Be Kind to your Breasts

Apart from pushing them into a bra every day, how much do you really take care of your breasts? Breasts are one of our finest assets as females. They help us to feel attractive, form an important part of a sexual relationship, feed our babies and in many ways, define a great deal about who we are. Without some self-care though, they can cause us problems. Here are some ways to ensure your sending some love to your breasts:

  1. Moisturize

The area of skin on your chest is some of the body’s most sensitive and it’s also quite thin. The best thing to use is a thick lotion with ingredients that bind water to the skin. A cocoa butter is ideal for this. When out in the sun, don’t forget that sunscreen is important in this area too. It’s not just about the protection from skin cancer but sun damage also causes the elastin and collagen in your breasts to breakdown, causing sagginess.

  1. Correct Support

Gravity is the enemy of our breasts. Connected to the chest wall with ligaments, if these ligaments are not correctly supported, they can overstretch resulting in sagging. The bigger your boobs, the more important this is as excessive movement and bouncing will also cause overstretching. Posture plays an important role in how good you look too so make sure you’re standing up straight as this will elevate your breasts and make them look better. Every woman needs a selection of good bras which shape and support, keep the breasts held up against the chest wall and have well-positioned cups. For a super supportive full cup bra, take a look at the WHITE PRIMA DONNA DEAUVILLE BRA at

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  1. Weight

We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial for a host of reasons but it’s good for your boobs too. Exercise is great and while it won’t do anything to make them bigger or prevent existing sagging, it will help them to keep their shape. Having toned pectoral muscles in the upper chest makes breasts look fuller and better. Push-ups and chest presses are perfect for toning your upper body. Wearing a proper bra designed for exercise will ensure you’re getting the support you need.

Avoid yo-yo dieting if you can as your breasts will undoubtedly suffer. Gaining weight quickly forces the breasts to enlarge which stretches the skin. Losing weight quickly then results in overstretched skin that won’t miraculously pop back into shape. Breasts are left looking saggy.

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  1. Avoid Soreness

We all experience tenderness at different times and supplements can help alleviate this, including Vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil. Keeping an eye on your intake of salt, alcohol and caffeine is also beneficial, especially limiting alcohol intake as this could decrease your risk of breast cancer. Alcohol increases hormone levels which can cause a slight increase in the risk from such a cancer.

Christmas gifts with a difference

We all get that warm, fuzzy glow as we give our carefully chosen gifts to loved ones each Christmas. But every year it seems harder to find that perfect present for family and friends, who, let’s face it, seem to have it all. Their alcohol store is overflowing, they’ve already overindulged on the chocolates and they’ve got more socks than you can shake a stick at, so it’s time to think outside the gift-box.

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Finding something a bit different to place under the tree is the holy-grail for festive shoppers, but we are on hand to help you find something with a quirky twist.

Gifts with a difference

One of the most unusual gifts on the market has surely got to be the Ancestry DNA gift from Living DNA, to help budding genealogists trace their family history.

For bookworms, you can’t go wrong with a handwritten copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic, The Great Gatsby. Available from SP Books, this is one hand-picked gift that will certainly hit the mark.

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Gifts for thrill seekers

For a gift that your lucky recipient can enjoy well beyond Christmas, consider giving them an experience they’ll never forget.

From flight experiences and supercars to the thrilling slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London, you’ll be spoilt for choice. For something completely different, try a tank driving experience. Somewhere like Armourgeddon supplies a number of activities for those all-action heroes amongst us, including tank paintball battles, quads and air rifle shooting.

Gifts for party lovers

If you’re buying for someone who loves to be the life and soul of the party, there are plenty of gift ideas to make sure the celebrations go with a bang.

Prosecco Pong is perfect for getting any party started, while a set of Tipsy Wine Glasses from IWOOT will make you feel quite wobbly from the off. Why not even go the whole hog and purchase a drinks trolley? Your host will never know how they managed without one.

Gifts from the heart

If all else fails, there’s always the homemade option. Although this can be risky, take a look at for inspiration.

Follow our tips for perfect gift buying and you’ll be the toast of the party come 25 December. But good luck next year; you will be expected to do it all over again.

What you need to know about hi-tech glass

Most people are familiar with the wonders of the microchip, but not so many appreciate that high-tech gadgets would be impossible if not for advances in the technology of glass. Smartphones, laptops, flat screen TVs, 3D headsets and wearable tech all require types of glass with very specific properties, which are achieved through controlling pigments, refractive index, glass chemistry, electrical properties and lamination techniques.

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Flick of a switch

A type of high-tech glass entering the market can switch colour and opacity at the press of a button. Smartglass International is currently providing privacy smart glass for the windows of a demonstration car in San Jose, California. Other companies have developed similar glass that changes from clear to dark blue, such as Wonderlite™. This will be used to control the degree of sunlight that enters car roof windows. Similar glass will be available for domestic homes, both for privacy and climate control.

One place where needs for natural light, privacy and security issues collide is in prisons. Smartglass is discussing supplying security versions of its switchable glass for cell walls.

Smart displays embedded in or reflected on windscreens are already used in aircraft. Valtra, a division of the AGCO corporation, is bringing the technology to agricultural machines and this will arrive in lorries and cars very soon.

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Eco glass

Research has long been concentrated on glass for climate control, both to keep buildings warmer and cooler. In tall buildings, maximum sunlight is needed to illuminate the interior but must keep the sun’s heat out. Without solar control and air conditioning, many high-rise buildings would be uninhabitable. Solar control glass allows maximum sunlight to enter a window while reflecting away most heat.

Many people choose this glass for conservatory roofs; however, UK householders are mostly interested in letting light enter and preventing warmth leaving to minimise their bills. Double glazed solar glass panels provide excellent insulation at cooler times of the year. Advice on double glazing in Hereford is available from companies such as

Better insulation is achieved through better glass and through better design of the double and triple glazed units. You can now have glass to keep you extra warm, extra cool, for peace and quiet, and to frustrate burglars. You can even have glass that repels dirt, making your windows virtually self-cleaning.

Where to find an antique bargain

Want to fill your home with stunning antique pieces for the ultimate vintage glam? Then you’ll want to do it as cheaply as possible. Timeless antique ornaments or furniture need not cost the earth if you know where to look. Whether you’re searching for rustic cabinets, period coat stands, authentic doors or art décor lighting, these are the places you should be looking:

  1. Charity Shops

People are often amazed at what can be found in the humble charity store. You can often find lower-end antiques from house clearances. Many items might have been checked over by a local dealer before making it to the charity shop but just as likely, some items might just slip through the net. They are always worth a browse and of course, it’s all for a good cause too.

  1. General Dealers

Many towns and cities have more than one local antique dealer’s shops and these are another great place to look for the perfect piece. If the dealer has house clearances then there could be items he or she has minimal professional knowledge about. If you know your stuff in a particular field then this can play to your advantage. These shops are a great place to barter on the price too.

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  1. Reclamation Yards

The perfect examples of recycling in this age of increased focus on sustainable living. These places can be a veritable Aladdin’s cave of hidden treasure. Taking other people’s scrap and the remnants of deconstructed or demolished buildings, you can anything from antique sinks, fireplaces, vintage doors and even chandeliers. A browse round a salvage company could find that unique piece you’ve been looking for to make your interior complete. For Antique Chandeliers Dublin, visit

  1. Car Boot Sales

Never underestimate the possibility of stumbling across a unique find at a local car boot sale. Most sellers are not traders but amid the household junk, there is sometimes a gem of an antique waiting to be snatched up. The perfect place to bargain on price so don’t forget to take some cash with you. The best time to arrive is as soon as sellers start to pull up and unpack so you can be the first to nab that antique vase or lamp.

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  1. Auctions

There will often be house clearances featured at general auctions and the beauty is that in amongst the mass-produced items there could be an intriguingly unique antique that you just have to bid on. In auction terms, items like these are called ‘sleepers’ as nobody recognises the value or worth of an item. An item doesn’t even have to be worth a great deal. If you fall in love with an old piece because it’s unusual or unique then bid on it for your vintage décor.

  1. Antique Fairs

Many such fairs are held throughout the year, up and down the country. You’ll find hundreds of dealers with stalls offering anything from large furniture items to fabrics and vintage glass. One of the biggest is held at Newark with an impressive 4,000 stalls.

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