Christmas nails: ideas for holiday nail art

Christmas nails

Ideas for nails with decorations and designs for Christmas and New Year. Beautiful, refined, trendy: bring the magic to your hands with these unmissable inspirations!

Celebrating Christmas is more magical if you do it with a Christmas nail art. In-gel, semi-permanent, glossy, matte, with or without adhesives, Christmas nails are a nice and original way to give your festive look an edge. » Read more

Can cats eat bread? Methods and what you need to pay attention to

Can cats eat bread

Can we safely give the cat some bread or Can cats eat bread? Here’s how to do it.
We are among the peoples who consume the most bread in the world. While in some cultures this food is practically non-existent. For others, it is used exclusively as a meal by itself, for example. The sandwich filled with salami or pickles is used as a main meal replacement. » Read more

What You Need To Know About Permanent Makeup

Everyone wants to look and feel his or her best. One method that may help you is permanent makeup. Although forms of permanent makeup have been around for thousands of years, the modern-day industry is relatively new. It has been gaining in popularity since the 1980s. Permanent makeup offers freedom from the daily (or more frequent) application of color. However, it is, well, permanent. Here are some things you should know if you are considering this option. » Read more

Four Ways to Style a Blazer

A blazer can really make all the difference to any outfit. They can make an outfit look smart, but a textured or patterned blazer can bring a more casual look. Blazers are fabulously versatile, pairing beautifully with smart trousers, chinos and even fitted jeans. You can bring more of an urban vibe by opting for trainers as your footwear of choice, or keep it sophisticated with brogues or loafers. Blazers can also be ideal for layering in the winter under a large coat and paired with Chelsea boots to keep those ankles warm! Here are some blazer outfit ideas for any occasion.

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The Awkward Dress Code

Don’t you just hate it when an invitation says “Dress code is smart-casual”? This can really leave you stumped with what outfit is too overdressed or, worse, too underdressed. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Barbor and Farah jackets all have various textured blazers that are perfect for this kind of do. Pair the blazer with a t-shirt to avoid being too formal and with a fitted jean so you don’t look disproportionate. Any footwear would fit nicely, but a smart trainer would be ideal for this dress-code.

The Business Meeting

A blazer can be your best friend here. A smart suit jacket-style blazer can be thrown over a shirt and trousers for optimum business dress. If you usually dress business-casual, then pairing a blazer with smart jeans, brogues or smart brogue boots will be perfect, leaving you to boss any meeting whilst looking good.

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The Dinner Date

We are talking romantic dinner date – not a cheeky Nandos trip. For any dinner date it’s better to lean over to the smart side. There are often a wide variety of blazers and jackets to choose from in web shops like . A textured blazer is a great idea with a shirt and smart fitted jean. A tie could look a little too much here, but a nice pressed shirt will work perfectly.

The Special Occasion

Smart trousers and blazer are essential for occasions like weddings and christenings. But don’t be afraid to mix a different-coloured and textured blazer with smart trousers – it doesn’t always have to be full black or blue! Smart shoes are essential here. A skinny tie or an old-fashioned bow tie will look oh so dapper and finish off your outfit nicely.

Top 3 Surprising Benefits of Using Perfume

Surprising Benefits of Using Perfume

If you’ve been looking for a way to lift your spirits and feel confident and fresh, you may have considered going to a perfume online shop Norcross GA. While perfume might seem like just an additional step in your getting-ready routine or a luxury splurge item, regularly using perfume can actually come with some surprising benefits, from calming you down to helping you sleep better at night. To learn more about some of the reasons to wear perfume that you might not have thought of, read on.

1. It’s Closely Linked to Memory

If you have a favorite perfume from back in the day, simply using it could bring back pleasant memories. There’s a surprising connection between smell and memory, which means using a little of your old standby perfume could induce nostalgia and remind you of happy times.

2. It Can Be Therapeutic

Aromatherapy has become more popular in recent years, and for good reason. Pleasant smells aren’t just an added bonus, but can actually be therapeutic in several ways. For instance, using perfume at night could actually help you relax and get better sleep. If you’ve been dealing with insomnia, this could be an effective addition to your treatments.

3. It Helps You Feel Fresh

Finally, the best-known advantage of perfume, its great smell, can also have a surprising mental health benefit. When you wear perfume, you not only prevent unwanted odors, but can also feel put-together and fresh throughout the day. Just a spritz of perfume could provide you with a little psychological boost, helping you to feel confident and ready to tackle the day.

Perfume can be a small daily indulgence that helps lift your mood and relieve your stress. If you’re on the fence about wearing perfume, keep these surprising benefits in mind. It could make a bigger difference in your everyday life than you think!

3 Ways To Up Your Style Game

Styling Tricks

Are you getting tired of the same boring clothes but not really sure how to make a style change? Having good style doesn’t mean you have to wear fancy gowns and suits or even clothes that are expensive. There are simple ways to up your style game.

1. Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touch to any look. You can turn any t-shirt and jeans into an outfit with the right accessories. If you wear glasses, don’t settle for just plain frames. Try fashion eye wear Boonton NJ to have your glasses complement your outfit. Add things like hats, jewelry and scarves. Different materials can be a fun way to add dimension. 

2. Be Bold With Color

A bright, bold color will make you stand out. Don’t be afraid to wear something that shows your personality. You can go for fun yellows and reds, but it is also a fashion statement to dress all black. Pick colors that display the message you want to share about yourself without having to say a word. Neutrals work great as backdrop to an exciting color, but if you wear all neutrals all the time you will start to blend in with everyone else. 

3. Mix and Match

Can you really wear a stripe with a polka dot? The answer is yes! You can mix and match all patterns as long as it is intentional and you wear it with confidence. Have fun with picking pieces that complement each other in color and pattern. You may find that designs you think don’t go together actually can look great paired up, so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

The good thing about style is it is yours and you can make it whatever you want. Whether it’s accessories, color or pattern, find the look that makes you feel good.

Surprising facts about Aran Sweaters

So, where do Aran sweaters come from? Iconic Aran sweaters take their name from a trio of islands on the westernmost point of Ireland not far from the County Galway coast. Inishmore is the largest of the islands, the middle being Inishmann and the smallest island, Inisheer. The women of the islands knitted sweaters first as a protective layer for the island’s fishermen and farmers. Since then, the sweaters have taken the fashion world by storm!

  1. The Original Fisherman Sweater

The very first Aran Sweaters were knitted for fishing, but what might surprise you is that they were totally waterproof! They were made originally using unscoured yarn. Unscoured yarn maintains the natural lanolin of wool which makes it water-resistant. This made the garment ideal for the challenging and harsh conditions of the Atlantic Ocean. Visit this website for Aran Sweaters

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  1. Fashion Icons

Throughout the 1930s and 40s, the sweaters gained popularity around the world and when Grace Kelly appeared in one on the cover of a fashion magazine in the 1950s, the humble sweaters from Ireland were catapulted to iconic status, reinforcing their reputation as a classic Irish design.

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  1. Famous Fans

The news of Aran sweaters further spread during the New York Village folk revival of the 50s and 60s. The Clancy Brothers, who were a famous Irish folk band in the 60s, donned these sweaters when they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, introducing them to millions of American homes. Some famous advocates and wearers of Aran included Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Steve McQueen.

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