How To Choose A Pet

Choose A Pet

We all know that having a pet is a big responsibility. Do we really know what these responsibilities are? But above all, do we take them into account when we have to choose our animal? It may seem silly but from the moment you decide to adopt an animal, the life of this creature will depend on you and your decisions.

The concept that you have to choose the pet that can really adapt to the lifestyle of the owner. Not all animals will need the same care or attention, a bit ‘as happens to us humans where each person has a different lifestyle from another. So if you are thinking of adopting an animal and you do not know which animal could be more suitable for you and at the same time that you can easily adapt to your needs, continue reading this article to know how to choose a pet. » Read more

Buying a Pet: How to Avoid Scams and Traps

Buying a Pet

USA is known as a country of pet lovers and of course, breeding, selling and buying many types of pets inside the country is a big business. From small private farms to large commercial stores and websites for the sale of pets, there are various ways to buy any kind of pet!

While most purchases occur without any problems and the majority of breeders, sellers and buyers are genuine, there are several irrelevant people who are looking for a fast monetary remedy at the expense of a naive lover of pets, many times leaving it without money and without pet. » Read more

Tips for camping with your dog


Many animal lovers would enjoy a holiday in the outdoors, camping in beautiful surroundings. And everything is nice if you have your 4-legged friend with you. What you should expect to prepare everything well? Read on!

1) Check the vaccinations, passport and local regulation

Each country has its own rules on vaccinations, the access requirements, passport and chip. So, make sure that you meet the requirements of the destination country, as well as those of all the countries you intend to cross. » Read more

Medium sized dogs: What they are and who they are suitable for?


Dogs average height: One of the most sought after by families, since their dimensions are suited for apartment life. Here is what you need to know.

The medium sized dogs are generally small enough to live comfortably at home and have the right size to be able to play with children and to guard. Within this category we find so many different races together:  hunting dogsterriersherding and so on.

The main features of these dogs are the small size (generally goes from 8 to 25 kg), an imprint of character easily adapted to family life, good strength and toughness to sustain efforts. » Read more

5 small dog breeds that do not grow

Small dog breeds

You love animals? Are you thinking of having one life partner? For surely a dog is one of the best options as it always has heard that the dog is man ‘s best friend and this is true in every way and for many reasons. You know you share your day with you can discover a form of unconditional love, you will notice that it will always be there for you and that will help you have a healthier life? We know that sometimes it is not easy to decide to have a dog as a companion because we have little space at home, but for reasons like this we need to know to choose what breed of dog is best for us and in this case, a small dog and therefore will not grow much ideal.

To make it easier to choose what kind of dog you like to have as loyal friend, especially if you do not have much space at home or if you simply like small dogs, read this article where you’ll find five breeds of small dogs that do not grow. » Read more

Tips for buying your pet safely

Buying your pet

If you buy or sell animals is important to know the rules, rights and laws that regulate this practice. We tell you everything you need to know about the sale of pets. The seller of the pet should always provide you the bill and an updated veterinary certificate.

The sale of pets must be done in a legal and meet minimum health and safety conditions, in order to avoid unnecessary problems and curb the proliferation of illegal or harmful practices against animals. This applies to both buying pet breeding, as specialized. All must comply with the law, so it is not recommended buying individual animals (there are high risks in these practices for both animals and buyers). » Read more

All about aquarium decoration

Aquarium Decoration

All those who enjoy having a home aquarium have started this beautiful hobby for different reasons: to get a nice living room decoration, have a new pet that is easy to maintain or wax to create a new ecosystem and ensure that alternative species coexist in harmony. The important thing for those who enjoy this hobby is the experience and improve every day, have healthy and full of life aquariums and in the end, those who venture into this fascinating world, end up having a precious ecosystem that will delight all world. » Read more