Strawberries: properties, nutritional values, benefits and contraindications


Typical red fruits of spring, strawberries are rich in vitamin C and compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor action. Let’s find out all the benefits and nutritional properties of strawberry.

The strawberries are a fruit spring rich in property, sweet and sugary flavor that make them one of the favorite foods by children. The red fruit that we all know well in reality, from a botanical point of view, is not a fruit but a container of many different fruits (the yellow seeds that we can see on the red surface of the strawberry itself). » Read more

Sportswear on sale: Items and shoes on sale that are worthwhile


There are only a few days left on sale, but that does not mean that we can no longer get bargains. Of course, we have to look very well and look for the offers that really deserve us.

In any case, if we are proposing to start doing sports in September or retake it, the blows of these sales can still allow us to get some clothes that are really worthwhile and that will be basic for our new sports course.

Basic garments to start or resume the sporting habit

Tights and pants

Choosing good tights or sports pants, with which we feel comfortable is a key part of good sports performance. For this, there are a number of things that we must consider before choosing. Among other things, it is important that the material is breathable, so as to allow ventilation as is the case with Puma gym pants.

Another important aspect that we should look at is seams. It is important that we get a pair of pants or tights that help us avoid chafing problems as much as we can. That is the case of Nike Tech meshes that we can find with 50% discount now.

In addition, if we want to ensure comfort, the fabric we choose should allow us a simple mobility and a good grip.


T-shirts are, as well as pants, one of the most important pieces of our training. When choosing a shirt we must consider whether we are going to train outdoors or in the gym, since the length of the sleeve and the material can depend on that.

If we are going to train outdoors in winter, it is interesting that we get a thermal material shirt, like the one we found in the Decathlon Kipsta brand, which is also breathable.

Indeed, regardless of whether we choose long or short sleeves, thermal fabric or not, it is very important that we obtain a breathable material such as pants. Nike Breathe t-shirts are specially designed for this from start to finish and we can find them with a 40% discount.

Jackets and sweatshirts

Both to go out to train outdoors, to go to and from the gym before and after training, jackets and sweatshirts are a key point. They will protect us from the wind, prevent us from getting cold and, if we need it, will help us not get wet in the rain.

For this, windproof jackets are ideal when going out to train on the street or if we are walking to the gym. It is important that they protect us inside and out, so if they are breathable and the inner material gives us heat, it would be ideal.

If we get a jacket with waterproof material, we will no longer have an excuse for not going out to play sports when it rains. Luckily, thanks to what is left of sales we can still find waterproof jackets of very good quality for a low price.

For some of us, sweatshirts are more comfortable than jackets, because they allow us more freedom of movement and do not rub. If you are in this group, a jacket of a breathable and warm material will help us to play sports also in winter and protect ourselves when we go out.

Sports bras

For any sport we do, women will need to get a good sports bra, since the normal ones are not prepared to resist the intensity of movements and sweat. In general, it is important that we make sure that the model we choose has a good grip.

Many of the sports bras that we find in the market already come with a predetermined strap length and cannot be modified. This fact can make them not comfortable for all women. Therefore, for some of us it can be interesting to get a sports bra with adjustable straps.


The shoes we buy must adapt to our needs, but also to the sport we are going to do and the terrain or type of soil on which we are going to do it.

In any case, an important aspect is that they are able to absorb the impact of our body on their sole, reducing pressure on our feet and the risk of injury. The Asics Gel Nimbus are considered one of the best shoes for this and we can find them discounted.

The resistance and support of the shoes we choose is also very relevant. Moreover, if as with the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14, they are versatile and we can use them in different activities even better.


As important as the shoes is to choose some good socks that help our feet perspire and avoid the risk of accumulation of sweat and bacteria.

Therefore it is important that the socks be as breathable as possible and keep our feet cool while we do sports. Currently, some socks like Newfell’s are made precisely for this purpose.

RRP in Decathlon

In addition to this, suitable socks will offer us an extra cushioning and support that will blend in with the effect of the sports shoes we use. Nike has made specific socks for this purpose and we can find them with 30% discount on their usual price.

What smart bathroom scale to buy? Shopping guide and featured models

smart bathroom scale

Bathroom scales are the nth gadget that has become intelligent, although this meaning should refer to something more than sending the weight to the mobile. With these devices we can know parameters such as BMI, body fat, history, add profiles … that help us to know in detail how our body is to help us stay fit or lose weight.

This purchase guide analyzes what features can be found in the smart scales that are in the market and the most prominent models. » Read more

5 gadgets dedicated to your health and well-being

health gadgets

The world on where the generations are repeatedly put in comparison: the new ones live on technology, the older ones still tend to consider it a threat. Or a waste of time. Lose time watching the smartphone, do not go out with friends because you hear them so much on Skype, you do not do sports because there are video games … In short, a whole series of clichés that tend to widen the gap between who was there and who there will be on this planet in the future. » Read more

Choosing a Hydration Backpack: Seven Key Points to Consider

Hydration Backpack

If you go jogging in the summer and you will know the importance of staying well hydrated before, after and especially during your training. If you also like to run on the mountain making long routes in which you do not have handy sources during the trip (as is usually the case in the city) you have probably already thought about getting a hydration pack.

Hydration packs are one of the star complements of the runners, so we tell you seven key points to keep in mind if you decide to get one of them. » Read more

Nootropics: Where to Get Them

Today, people are comfortable using Nootropics because they are proven to be good for the brain. Nootropics are commonly referred as smart drugs or mental enhancers because they are dietary supplements made from organic ingredients that have positive effects on the mental ability and health. According to research, Nootropics can improve one’s learning, memory, thinking and mental alertness. If Nootropics are incorporated into the daily diet, there are long-term benefits such as avoiding or slowing down the development of Neuro-degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Nootropics are also used as an alternative treatment for people who are diagnosed with mental disorders and diseases such as depression, anxiety disorder, sleep disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and retrograde amnesia. You may also like to read more » Read more

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