Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Everything we know so far of the last annual Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ is going to be the last annual ‘Assassin’s Creed’. Since 2007, Ubisoft has not stopped with this saga, at the rate of delivery per year (in some, even with two or more) and has already warned that it will take a break in 2019, except for the expansion of the aforementioned Odyssey.

In the absence of a month to go out in stores, it is a good time to collect all the information provided by Ubisoft and know what’s new about the revolutionary ‘Assassin’s Creed Origins’, which clearly drinks. » Read more

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is now available in desserts and here’s your launch trailer

Dragons Dogma

We may be late for news of the more than promising ‘Deep Down’ that Capcom showed in early 2013, but the Blue Bomber company has not forgotten those looking for epic fantasy fights in desserts: of last year’s ‘Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen’, the complete and updated edition of ‘Dragon’s Dogma’, lands on Xbox One and PS4. » Read more

“Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” Get ready for the next great PS4 adventure with 10 minutes of gameplay

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Sony will re-validate its commitment to action games this summer with ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’, a new adventure in which Chloe and Nadine will pick up the witness of Nathan Drake’s scoundrel. And although there are still a couple of months left to take the glove, it is possible to see an advance of the next project of the study Naughty Dog. » Read more

The Devil’s homage to Hearthstone is much more than it seems: King Cow has returned to play cards!

As discussed in Joystiq, Blizzard is celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘Devil’ overhand with all kinds of events in their games, and ‘Hearthstone’ is no exception. The Californian Company has already warned find nothing less than the Tramp Dark, an old acquaintance of the series, in the bar fight mode and waiting to challenge us. » Read more

The 27 card games that have to play to forget the Tute

card games

It is undeniable that, in recent years, the world of playfulness has evolved to the point of meeting with a sensational offer games. Every time we have at our disposal a larger catalog and variety of games of cards with many themes, settings and mechanical.

Today we have compiled 27 card games that once you park and enjoy the long summer evenings playing proposals for all tastes.

‘Secret code’

We started with the new winner of the Spiel des Jahres 2016, the most prestigious award in the playful world. In ‘Secret Code’, two teams will compete for, on a board of five by five letters, uncover the spy networkhidden. They will have a key that sets this framework and clues that will unravel by the heads of spies.


A game of visual acuity in his more than fifty letters are full of symbols. In ‘Dobble’, which also has a version for younger, you will find the symbol that is repeated. You open the game, you choose one of five minigames containing and you just go in a highly entertaining session. » Read more

Justice returns: The demo of Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is already available in the eShop

Justice returns

Phoenix Wright returns to the Nintendo DS with a new adventure set in the exotic realm of Khura’in that will test his skills as a lawyer. In fact, in this new release, their biggest problem will be to adapt the judicial system, and there is that there are no lawyers: Everything is resolved by spiritualism! » Read more

9 Reasons why Sony PS4 launches Neo

Sony PS4 Neo

It is a fact: at Sony are preparing to launch the PS4 Neo, the rumored new iteration of the current PlayStation 4 will come with more power and support 4K (or rather, UHD) but, yes, not replace console current: both coexist.

The announcement has caused the logical reactions between the user community and analysts who wonder if this release makes sense and what are the arguments that Sony has been shuffled to make this important decision are. These are the ones we believe have influenced this ambitious project.

Many good reasons for a PS4 Neo

Andrew House, president of Sony, confirmed the intentions of his company in the Financial Times, and although there was virtually no details on its performance, yes indicating that will be aimed at users with 4K TVs. » Read more

If you have Battlefield 4, Final Stand pack will be yours for free this week

Battlefield 4: Final Stand

Not long ago Electronic Arts wanted to celebrate the announcement and upcoming release of ‘Battlefield 5’ with an interesting promotion that promised it would gradually giving away all the downloadable content of ‘ Battlefield 4 ‘ and ‘Battlefield Hardline’, as it did with packs “Dragon’s Teeth” and “Robbery” and now this week will do with the DLC ” Final Stand ” from ‘Battlefield 4’. » Read more

The projector ACER Z850 Predator arrives to satisfy the most demanding gamers

ACER Z850 Predator

If you are a heavy player and you demand the most and among the best higher, perhaps the Predator Z850 presented ACER interests you, yes, if you have the space at home to place and to show off the spectacular images that ensure we can provide… and if your pocket allows, of course.

And it is that these pages have seen a lot of projectors intended for home use, but what a device of this type oriented games? What is the difference brings about a normal one? Let’s see it in more detail…

The ACER Predator Z850 is, as we say, a focused use for games projector, so much so that as the name suggests as the firm has framed in the Predator line that includes desktop computers, laptops, monitors, tablets and accessories created strictly for games. » Read more

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