11 Technological Backpacks: Battery, Solar Panel, Sound System and More

Technological Backpack

Backpacks have been for several years an important item when moving to college or work, she has to be able to support our lifestyle, including battering, since it is responsible for loading all our objects value and keep them safe. In recent years, we have seen backpacks have become a gadget to incorporate technological elements.

Today we take a tour of those backpacks that in addition to charging and protect our objects, have technological features that provide added value to their owners, as built-in battery, USB ports, solar cells and designs to make them increasingly safer and more resilient. » Read more

Zara is not intended to slow its pace and Join Life becomes sustainable collection


Just under a year ago Zara again made headlines by launching a collection of sustainable clothing. Under the name Join Life it fought for environmental care. And now the brand is back with renewed designs and much savoir fair along the way. Made with materials such as organic cotton, recycled wool and Tencel, these proposals reduce the environmental impact. » Read more

Converse Chuck Taylor All Wah: The dream of any rock guitarist

All Wah

If there is something more than a molón Chuck Taylor, that is to be the guitar in a band with a Chuck Taylor. Few items that can be considered more rock Converse sneakers.

Although many areas and styles in which we see the All Stars, the fact is that if something attached to ordinary mortals with the established artist, is often using exactly the same model of footwear. But of course, if you’re not playing guitar or bass, that could change from now with the All Wah. » Read more

Colorful umbrella for cloudy days

Colorful umbrella

In times of emotional darkness must open umbrella to protect us and help us get up and keep fighting. We show you how.

Colorful umbrella for cloudy days, the truth is that sometimes do not really know why, but a gray day followed another, darker, and then another, until concatenate a strange season of bad weather which is very difficult to lift your head.

This is normal! Believe it or not, you’re not the only person who feels unwell or perceive that nothing is going right at times.

We all go through those periods of difficulty or personal distress in which, no matter how high the sun seems to shine not for us. Sometimes it is not even necessary to have been a “bad thing”. It is rather a slow, deep apathy and an uncomfortable uneasiness that makes us lose courage and even hope. » Read more

There is a world of boho dresses waiting, already have yours?

boho dresses

The same is that with so many images of I have already put the boho spirit in the veins, but the trend that more fancy look me right now is a nice bohemian dress. The colorful and embroidered tunics are we good to all, and give us an aspect of free spirit that comes great for good weather. We go shopping trends to look for this kind of clothes, and go to the festival or not, sure the lights all summer. » Read more

9 shoe models, never go out of fashion

shoe models

Adidas has again become the footwear of a generation (millennial, Z, plan the name you want). Sales Superstar and Stan Smith have returned to skyrocket once again in a headline that could have written ten years ago, twenty and thirty years ago. His reign is imperishable, arises in the eighties, is anchored in the nineties, here turned with a crash in the first decade of the century and, today, in full apology for streetwear, continues to sell more and more and more. Adidas estimated that in 2016 will be able to place on the market 15% more units. It is a shoe that never goes out of style.

And it is not the only one. Trends go, come, recycled, back, disappear and reinvent themselves. But our feet, in many cases, still look more or less the same way. With some tweaks here and there, but equal to after all. On the occasion of at all surprising new reign of Superstar and Stan Smith Adidas, we’ve compiled a handful of footwear sport that has remained undaunted by the passage of time, despising the trends, generations and aesthetic judgments in the heat of a cultural time frozen. Here are 9 shoes that never go out of fashion. » Read more

Clothing that Stylized

Clothing that Stylized

Wanting to lead a healthy and balanced life to feel better is very important, for this reason, many people try to strive for a balanced diet, exercise etc.

But still the desire to see us thinner, taller or more stylized always latent in our desires, for this reason we suggest a series of tips that will allow us to see much more stylish thanks to the locker room.

Most important of all is the fact of knowing well our physical characteristics to conceal defects locally and on the other hand enhance and highlight the qualities seeing much more attractive and safe. » Read more

Armani says goodbye to the leathers


More and more companies dedicated to the world of fashion to say goodbye to the use of fur in their collections of clothes. The latest addition has been the Armani Group. In his next collection fall / winter 2016-2017 skins are no longer present in their designs. This decision was taken after holding several meetings with Fur Free Alliance, an international association that brings together various organizations fighting the trade in animal skins. » Read more

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