Clinique ID, personalized moisturizers, the ultimate in skin care

Clinique ID

Clinique was already the pioneer in 1968 to create a routine of personalized skin care with its iconic 3-step system. Clinique now, goes a step further, and allows us to customize the moisturizer that best suits our skin, Clinique ID.

Clinique ID, is the new revolutionary skin care system that allows us to customize our moisturizer. This new line has been created to address the different skin types and their needs. » Read more

Dior Bronze, The Best Sun Protection and The Most Durable Tanning

Dior Bronze

With the arrival of good weather, we need products that take maximum care of our skin and protect it from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, which can cause burns and accelerate the aging process of the skin. So that our skin takes only the best of the sun and we shine an enviable tan, Dior Bronze reinvents its sun protection products and aftersun. » Read more

Clarisonic Introduces Smart Profile Uplift, Cleaning and 2-in-1 Anti-Aging Massage


Clarisonic is always a good choice … I recognize that since the Mia 2 device came to my hands, it has been a before and after as far as cleaning is concerned.

Of course, now the brand goes one step further and launches a new gadget of those that are 2 in 1, which not only has a cleaning head as we already know, but also has a firming massage head to attenuate Up to 15 signs of age in face, neck and décolleté. This is Smart Profile Uplift … » Read more

I present my toiletry bag this summer

toiletry bag

Although recently I talked about some essential in the vanity case this summer ,today I want to show what is really in mine : practical products that save me time, effective to protect from the sun and passing help me cope with high temperatures. Of course, there are some gems that cannot help but to recommend…

For skin care

  • Hydra SOS Recharge Madara: This has been a recent discovery that is delighting me by its lightness and its ability to regenerate skin … ideal for use both day and night and very sensitive skin like mine.
  • Oil Eucerin Control: It is a protective created for those who suffer from glare, so it is light and not noticeable at all. I recommend you to try because it is the best I’ve tasted.

» Read more

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