The new Peugeot 3008 wants to enter through the nose, rather than eyes

PSA has the Peugeot 3008 about to be presented to the media. We will know and we will prove it soon, but before that the lion brand has published a feature crossover (for Peugeot, SUV Premium) that can smell you good or bad, depending on your requirements as to what organizational of a car.

And it is that the Peugeot 3008 will debut the i-Cockpit Amplify option, with an in-dash diffuser, with which the driver or passenger can choose what should smell the cabin, three available fragrances designed perfumer Antoine Lieand produced the French company expert in environmental fragrances and distributed through the air Scentys. » Read more

What is a hybrid 48v and why you must know

Following the announcement by Volkswagen of restyling of the current Golf, some media have speculated about the arrival of hybrid engines 48v to leveraging the restyling range. It is a type of powertrains why many, especially German, European manufacturers are betting for the immediate future.

With standards increasingly stringent emissions, especially for diesel engines, several manufacturers will launch into the market models gasoline “mild hybridization”, which in the industry known as “48V Mild Hybrid System” or “hybrid 48 volts ” . In fact, since Valeo to Delphi, to Schaeffler or Continental, component manufacturers already have these systems ready.We tell you what that hybrid 48v and why many will come to market. » Read more

MINI is almost ready its plug-in hybrid Countryman

With the almost complete development process, MINI showed itself in its first model plug -in hybrid, based on a MINI Countryman second generation, which will be realized in the near future. It is a MINI combining a combustion engine and an electric, allowing a completely electrically conductive. Although it is still shown with camouflage, and reveals features as the charging socket on the left front flipper. » Read more

Sony finally has a multimedia receiver for cars equipped with Android Auto and carplay

Sony carplay

Already it has some years that Google and Apple gambled by putting their operating systems in cars, this through solutions such as Android Auto and carplay, systems that have been incorporated into systems Infotainment from different manufacturers worldwide. The interesting thing came when receivers manufacturers ‘aftermarket’, i.e. those that are sold separately to be installed in the car, also incorporated these systems to their devices.

The first recipients could get with Android Auto or carplay, but it was Parrot who in 2015 launched the first receiver with both systems, which made manufacturers like Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, JBL and Pioneer will follow the steps. Today is the turn of Sony, who has certainly been slow to enter this market and now does with the multimedia receiver XAV-AX100 aftermarket. » Read more

iScout is the HUD who wants to succeed where others have failed: in our car


The segment HUD car takes moving for some time, and there are manufacturers that integrate these elements into their high – end models. We also have independent devices that do not just materialize, but now comes a proposal somewhat different.

It is iScout a HUD that works with any smartphone, displays notifications of applications like WhatsApp and is even able to accept or reject calls in hands – free vehicle with a simple gesture of our hand. » Read more

Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR: 67 Mustang modernized with 780 hp

Shelby GT500CR

Although I have not talk about Classic Recreations, the truth is that the company Oklahoma specializing in restorations of classic still making mischief and, in fact, his latest creation is a Shelby Mustang 1967 called GT500CR 900S and sporting a CR Blurple colored purple with white stripes, chosen by the Arab sheikh who has charge. » Read more

Rear camera in the car? This puts a pair plate holder and connects to the smartphone

Rear camera

A new law in the United States requires all cars manufactured after 2018 have camera and reversing sensors, and current owners of a car without this system will have until 2019 to install one if you do not want to get creditors to a penalty. This has caused manufacturers are devoting efforts on basic systems for new cars, but very few companies are thinking about the more than one million vehicles that do not have this system and it will need in the coming years.

Thanks to this is as it emerges Pearl, a company founded by three former employees of Apple who were part of the team iPod and the first two iPhone, who are now engaged in the manufacture of car accessories launching your first bet: RearVision a port integrated into a system that provides camera sensor and reverse audible alert all connected to our smartphone. » Read more

Here are the different types of motor homes in a buying guide for newbies

motor homes

Traveling with the house on his back seemed reserved for a few, including camping has been almost frowned face enjoy the holidays in a hotel or apartment. The camping and more contact with nature is becoming more valued and, in the last two decades, the motorhomes have become another way of living the holidays.

The mobile home is no longer something only foreigners or for crazy tourism. Many have taken to buy one or is in your future purchase plans. For the latter or simply for those who want to know more of this type of vehicles, we have prepared this guide to buying motorhomes.

And it is not as easy as it sounds, there are different points to assess before buying one, is not only a matter of price and size. But to start we will make it clear what a motorhome because sometimes there is confusion. It is a motor vehicle whose interior is fitted out as housing. And there are not as many call caravans, mobile homes are trailers and motorhomes. » Read more

What car to buy if you want Android or Apple Auto carplay?

car to buy

One of the most interesting level interface connected car struggles is taking place in the connected car. After several generations that the manufacturers have tried to establish their own entertainment systems, Google and Apple with their respective systems Android Auto and carplay, are called to be the final winners.

In this 2016, it is set to hit the big online catalog and cars compatible with Android Auto and / or Apple carplay, but already there is a significant number of brands that make up one or two systems in some of their models. Let’s see what cars Android Auto and Apple carplay I can buy today…

Android Auto and carplay, the great battle in the car online

While both Android Auto and Apple carplay were presented in 2014, really until the following year we did not start to see some much-selected models that made these platforms. In this 2016, it is expected that the bulk of models of major brands and reach their entertainment systems and communication ready to choose one or both systems. » Read more

10 points you have to keep in mind when buying a new car

Buying a new car

Buying a car can be a stressful time for many people. The great expense of buying a new vehicle makes us thinking a lot about the head and think again and again if we are buying correctly.

As we know that buying a new car is a challenge, we leave a small list of helpful tips that can guide and help you during the buying process.

1. You must choose a car that suits your present and future needs as the bulk of the population holds your car between 8 and 13 years.

You must ask yourself what your present and future plans, evaluate the possibility of children and family holidays. » Read more

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