Linksys WRT3200ACM, AC WiFi router that reaches 2,600 Mbps in the 5 GHz band

Linksys has announced the launch of the next generation of its popular WRT router, model WRT3200ACM, which comes with the latest in connectivity WiFi AC improved with the MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple Output) to establish several simultaneous connections Tri-Stream 160.

The latter allows to work with bandwidths of 160 MHz when the spectrum is free, instead of the classic 80 MHz, achieving double the effective transmission speeds. » Read more

The lite ecobee3 is a smart thermostat that comes to optimize your home weatherization

Now come the cold, or at least should (you need to pay attention to climate change) the use of heating systems begins to become common in homes. And to control the room temperature and home nothing better than using a thermostat. One type of apparatus which there are many and interesting alternatives.

Yesterday we talked about the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach and today we do it another member that reaches the market as is the ecobee 3 lite. It is an accessory (a thermostat in general) that will allow us to save up to 60% on the heating bill thanks to a better use of the heating system. » Read more

Baby winter collection, the more relaxed collection of Zara Kids

The new publisher of Zara Kids shows two beautiful children spending the day at home, eating, playing in the garden, sharing games … For all these activities, small van clad in comfortable clothes, very relaxed, soft tissues and winter, with discrete patterns, but also fun. The predominant colors are dark and neutral. Zara’s new collection for winter Baby shows that even the smallest of the house can be fashionable. » Read more

You want to sleep better? A good diet can help

Rest well every night is key if we want to look good, take care of health and fitness, so in addition to establishing routines and relax, take a proper diet can be helpful for better sleep daily.

We must not forget that rest well every night can be a weapon against weight gain and is a requirement if we want to burn fat. Also, if we eat less, perform better in our training, prevent dark circles or reduce stress, sleep well is the key, because as we can see, has many more benefits than we think. » Read more

Three suitable training routines to get fit at home

For those who seek an alternative to the gym or the park where you find variety of furniture to work your body, today we bring three suitable training routines to get fit at home.

With very little equipment we can get in every home as chairs, brooms or similar or using exercises that require only our body weight, we can do one of the following three routines:

Routine 1: With chairs and broom

The first routine that we leave is to perform different exercises to work all the muscles of the body and burn some calories, performing four sets of 20 repetitions of all movements.

The first exercise is to perform a Bulgarian squat using a chair for support of high standing, alternating over and repeat with a jump, to burn calories while working quadriceps, glutenous, calves and hamstrings. » Read more

The new Peugeot 3008 wants to enter through the nose, rather than eyes

PSA has the Peugeot 3008 about to be presented to the media. We will know and we will prove it soon, but before that the lion brand has published a feature crossover (for Peugeot, SUV Premium) that can smell you good or bad, depending on your requirements as to what organizational of a car.

And it is that the Peugeot 3008 will debut the i-Cockpit Amplify option, with an in-dash diffuser, with which the driver or passenger can choose what should smell the cabin, three available fragrances designed perfumer Antoine Lieand produced the French company expert in environmental fragrances and distributed through the air Scentys. » Read more

What is a hybrid 48v and why you must know

Following the announcement by Volkswagen of restyling of the current Golf, some media have speculated about the arrival of hybrid engines 48v to leveraging the restyling range. It is a type of powertrains why many, especially German, European manufacturers are betting for the immediate future.

With standards increasingly stringent emissions, especially for diesel engines, several manufacturers will launch into the market models gasoline “mild hybridization”, which in the industry known as “48V Mild Hybrid System” or “hybrid 48 volts ” . In fact, since Valeo to Delphi, to Schaeffler or Continental, component manufacturers already have these systems ready.We tell you what that hybrid 48v and why many will come to market. » Read more

MINI is almost ready its plug-in hybrid Countryman

With the almost complete development process, MINI showed itself in its first model plug -in hybrid, based on a MINI Countryman second generation, which will be realized in the near future. It is a MINI combining a combustion engine and an electric, allowing a completely electrically conductive. Although it is still shown with camouflage, and reveals features as the charging socket on the left front flipper. » Read more