iScout is the HUD who wants to succeed where others have failed: in our car


The segment HUD car takes moving for some time, and there are manufacturers that integrate these elements into their high – end models. We also have independent devices that do not just materialize, but now comes a proposal somewhat different.

It is iScout a HUD that works with any smartphone, displays notifications of applications like WhatsApp and is even able to accept or reject calls in hands – free vehicle with a simple gesture of our hand. » Read more

Micellar water in oil Garnier, the makeup remover that can even the toughest makeup


Beautiful skin always begins with a facial routine.

Cleaning to purify and prepare the skin for the treatment that we use later penetrates much better and more effective. And after having skin thoroughly clean the second step of the routine, would give skin care dose, according to your needs.

Today we will focus on the first step and most importantly, clean.

For this I chose one of my favorite products, the Garnier Micellar Water, it seems a very complete and simple product. With a single gesture and effects instantly perceived on the skin, I’m sure you will also conquer all of you. » Read more

Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR: 67 Mustang modernized with 780 hp

Shelby GT500CR

Although I have not talk about Classic Recreations, the truth is that the company Oklahoma specializing in restorations of classic still making mischief and, in fact, his latest creation is a Shelby Mustang 1967 called GT500CR 900S and sporting a CR Blurple colored purple with white stripes, chosen by the Arab sheikh who has charge. » Read more

9 Reasons why Sony PS4 launches Neo

Sony PS4 Neo

It is a fact: at Sony are preparing to launch the PS4 Neo, the rumored new iteration of the current PlayStation 4 will come with more power and support 4K (or rather, UHD) but, yes, not replace console current: both coexist.

The announcement has caused the logical reactions between the user community and analysts who wonder if this release makes sense and what are the arguments that Sony has been shuffled to make this important decision are. These are the ones we believe have influenced this ambitious project.

Many good reasons for a PS4 Neo

Andrew House, president of Sony, confirmed the intentions of his company in the Financial Times, and although there was virtually no details on its performance, yes indicating that will be aimed at users with 4K TVs. » Read more

Tips for buying your pet safely

Buying your pet

If you buy or sell animals is important to know the rules, rights and laws that regulate this practice. We tell you everything you need to know about the sale of pets. The seller of the pet should always provide you the bill and an updated veterinary certificate.

The sale of pets must be done in a legal and meet minimum health and safety conditions, in order to avoid unnecessary problems and curb the proliferation of illegal or harmful practices against animals. This applies to both buying pet breeding, as specialized. All must comply with the law, so it is not recommended buying individual animals (there are high risks in these practices for both animals and buyers). » Read more

Rear camera in the car? This puts a pair plate holder and connects to the smartphone

Rear camera

A new law in the United States requires all cars manufactured after 2018 have camera and reversing sensors, and current owners of a car without this system will have until 2019 to install one if you do not want to get creditors to a penalty. This has caused manufacturers are devoting efforts on basic systems for new cars, but very few companies are thinking about the more than one million vehicles that do not have this system and it will need in the coming years.

Thanks to this is as it emerges Pearl, a company founded by three former employees of Apple who were part of the team iPod and the first two iPhone, who are now engaged in the manufacture of car accessories launching your first bet: RearVision a port integrated into a system that provides camera sensor and reverse audible alert all connected to our smartphone. » Read more

Converse Chuck Taylor All Wah: The dream of any rock guitarist

All Wah

If there is something more than a molón Chuck Taylor, that is to be the guitar in a band with a Chuck Taylor. Few items that can be considered more rock Converse sneakers.

Although many areas and styles in which we see the All Stars, the fact is that if something attached to ordinary mortals with the established artist, is often using exactly the same model of footwear. But of course, if you’re not playing guitar or bass, that could change from now with the All Wah. » Read more

Meet the new Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, now with heart rate sensor

Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2

For me the most interesting device Pebble in today’s presentation has been Core a very simple activities motorization in appearance but full of features: GPS, 3G, and Android. But as we advance, watches the company wants to focus its catalog to the world of sport and health, so that updated the range with two clocks that have heart rate sensor.

We talk about the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, which will obliterate the original models. What you see, two new models to continue making war, and that seemed to Android Wear and Apple Watch’s going to move a lot more complicated than it seems market.

The two watches share much functionality, but especially highlight the incorporation of a heart rate sensor that is recording our constant every ten minutes in a mode called sleep, or in our sports, which will remain constantly recording. » Read more

Colorful umbrella for cloudy days

Colorful umbrella

In times of emotional darkness must open umbrella to protect us and help us get up and keep fighting. We show you how.

Colorful umbrella for cloudy days, the truth is that sometimes do not really know why, but a gray day followed another, darker, and then another, until concatenate a strange season of bad weather which is very difficult to lift your head.

This is normal! Believe it or not, you’re not the only person who feels unwell or perceive that nothing is going right at times.

We all go through those periods of difficulty or personal distress in which, no matter how high the sun seems to shine not for us. Sometimes it is not even necessary to have been a “bad thing”. It is rather a slow, deep apathy and an uncomfortable uneasiness that makes us lose courage and even hope. » Read more

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