Bone conduction headphones: Perfect for train outdoors and not isolate medium

Bone conduction headphones

Many of us cannot conceive our training without our own soundtrack: music, in addition to exercise great motivating power can also help us improve our speed in the race or keep up while we’re running. Therefore, music has become an essential training partner for us.

Currently we have specifically designed headphones for sports: do not move, they are resistant to sweat and have a good quality when transmitting sound. We can choose between classic wired headset and even those who are connected via Bluetooth, very comfortable when training. The problem with these types of headphones is that they are ITE, i.e. that go inside the ear and isolate us from the environment in which we move, can be somewhat dangerous if we train outdoors. To avoid this we can count on the headphones bone conduction: we tell you how they work and what models are on the market. » Read more

Justice returns: The demo of Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is already available in the eShop

Justice returns

Phoenix Wright returns to the Nintendo DS with a new adventure set in the exotic realm of Khura’in that will test his skills as a lawyer. In fact, in this new release, their biggest problem will be to adapt the judicial system, and there is that there are no lawyers: Everything is resolved by spiritualism! » Read more

I present my toiletry bag this summer

toiletry bag

Although recently I talked about some essential in the vanity case this summer ,today I want to show what is really in mine : practical products that save me time, effective to protect from the sun and passing help me cope with high temperatures. Of course, there are some gems that cannot help but to recommend…

For skin care

  • Hydra SOS Recharge Madara: This has been a recent discovery that is delighting me by its lightness and its ability to regenerate skin … ideal for use both day and night and very sensitive skin like mine.
  • Oil Eucerin Control: It is a protective created for those who suffer from glare, so it is light and not noticeable at all. I recommend you to try because it is the best I’ve tasted.

» Read more

LEGO Castle Disney presents a set of amazing collector

LEGO Castle Disney

When five months ago we told you that LEGO had allied with Disney to launch a collection of minifigures we knew they would be coming up with much more, but few could imagine that to be the flagship Disney castle.

Which appears in all his films, which is flown by Bell while fireworks decorate a magical sky, which welcomes visitors to the Disney parks, LEGO has introduced a set of amazing collector, more than 4,000 pieces, for collectors lovers Disney universe. » Read more

Consider a Safer Trampoline Alternative For Your Family

Trampolines have been around for a many years and hundreds, if not thousands, of people have sustained serious injury from careless and unsafe use of the trampoline or from product-related injury  including pinched skin or hair in the springs, or serious bruises, breaks, and concussions from impact with the exposed metal frame. Whenever buying a trampoline or thinking about buying one, it is very important to look for key aspects that will ensure great trampoline quality and safety. » Read more

Food products worth buying online

Food products

Since the Internet came into our lives, more and more products and services we buy or hire from the home computer, tablet or mobile phone. This way of making the purchase, we started to use to buy airline tickets or train tickets we have been extending to other areas of our life, until our days that we even do purchase this through. Today, we speak of food products worth buying online.

In addition to ordering or selecting products to introduce in our virtual shopping cart, -a service that we provide most supermarkets, hypermarkets and department stores or surfaces – marketers of certain products such as oranges, extra virgin olive oil are also, organic foods, tomatoes and fresh perishable products such as meat, fish, seafood and fruit really worth buying online. » Read more

What quantifier buy to get in shape?

quantifier buy

You’re late for the operation bikini for this summer. But get moving and do some exercise moderately but steadily in your hand. Maybe now you do and you want to start measuring seriously all your activity each day. Or become passionate about the data in each sport you do. In all these cases, there is a common denominator: the wearable activity meter.

With a catalog of quantifier’s wearables that continues to grow and devices, without being exclusively activity meters have that capability in the specification, choosing a bracelet quantifying each day is a more complicated task.

Why choose an activity meter?

More than three years ago live a quantized life. And I told him of my experience and after all this time keep the basis of my belief that a gauge of activity can help you be more active in your day to day.

Marcarte virtually a goal and have adequate technology to measure this activity, activate reminders or have an application a good record both steps, calories or even sleep is something to be welcomed. Not a quantifier to be more active is necessary, but many users can help them take that final step and finally get the motivation without technology not just achieved.

Among the possibilities that gives us a gauge of activity are the power to create a program and monitoring weight loss, compete with other friends or acquaintances, and manage more efficiently our sleep and rest. » Read more

iScout is the HUD who wants to succeed where others have failed: in our car


The segment HUD car takes moving for some time, and there are manufacturers that integrate these elements into their high – end models. We also have independent devices that do not just materialize, but now comes a proposal somewhat different.

It is iScout a HUD that works with any smartphone, displays notifications of applications like WhatsApp and is even able to accept or reject calls in hands – free vehicle with a simple gesture of our hand. » Read more

Micellar water in oil Garnier, the makeup remover that can even the toughest makeup


Beautiful skin always begins with a facial routine.

Cleaning to purify and prepare the skin for the treatment that we use later penetrates much better and more effective. And after having skin thoroughly clean the second step of the routine, would give skin care dose, according to your needs.

Today we will focus on the first step and most importantly, clean.

For this I chose one of my favorite products, the Garnier Micellar Water, it seems a very complete and simple product. With a single gesture and effects instantly perceived on the skin, I’m sure you will also conquer all of you. » Read more

Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR: 67 Mustang modernized with 780 hp

Shelby GT500CR

Although I have not talk about Classic Recreations, the truth is that the company Oklahoma specializing in restorations of classic still making mischief and, in fact, his latest creation is a Shelby Mustang 1967 called GT500CR 900S and sporting a CR Blurple colored purple with white stripes, chosen by the Arab sheikh who has charge. » Read more

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