Sony launches new Signature Series for audiophiles HD

Sony signature series

Sony has announced the launch of what will be the new devices of its new Signature Series; teams of high-end sound designed for lovers of high fidelity seeking fixed audio and portable HD and have large budgets since the cheaper part of 1200 dollars.

The new elements of the series are the MDR-Z1R headphones, Walkman NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1A and headphone amplifier TA-ZH1ES, all made with high quality materials and designed to complement or operated separately. » Read more

11 Technological Backpacks: Battery, Solar Panel, Sound System and More

Technological Backpack

Backpacks have been for several years an important item when moving to college or work, she has to be able to support our lifestyle, including battering, since it is responsible for loading all our objects value and keep them safe. In recent years, we have seen backpacks have become a gadget to incorporate technological elements.

Today we take a tour of those backpacks that in addition to charging and protect our objects, have technological features that provide added value to their owners, as built-in battery, USB ports, solar cells and designs to make them increasingly safer and more resilient. » Read more

Are energy drinks suitable for children?

Energy drinks

Today we talk about other product that a prior may seem similar to sports drinks, but are not at all and less in the case of the smallest, are energy drinks are suitable for children.

Important is not isotonic energizer

If you ask a person who is not very familiar with these products the difference between sports drinks and energy drinks, I’m virtually certain that in many cases would not find any. The explanation is simple, has come a time when so much publicity and so much “miraculous” drink made that part of the population has absolutely nothing clear. » Read more

Zara is not intended to slow its pace and Join Life becomes sustainable collection


Just under a year ago Zara again made headlines by launching a collection of sustainable clothing. Under the name Join Life it fought for environmental care. And now the brand is back with renewed designs and much savoir fair along the way. Made with materials such as organic cotton, recycled wool and Tencel, these proposals reduce the environmental impact. » Read more

The 27 card games that have to play to forget the Tute

card games

It is undeniable that, in recent years, the world of playfulness has evolved to the point of meeting with a sensational offer games. Every time we have at our disposal a larger catalog and variety of games of cards with many themes, settings and mechanical.

Today we have compiled 27 card games that once you park and enjoy the long summer evenings playing proposals for all tastes.

‘Secret code’

We started with the new winner of the Spiel des Jahres 2016, the most prestigious award in the playful world. In ‘Secret Code’, two teams will compete for, on a board of five by five letters, uncover the spy networkhidden. They will have a key that sets this framework and clues that will unravel by the heads of spies.


A game of visual acuity in his more than fifty letters are full of symbols. In ‘Dobble’, which also has a version for younger, you will find the symbol that is repeated. You open the game, you choose one of five minigames containing and you just go in a highly entertaining session. » Read more

Pioneer X-CM56, a classic stereo with CD player, Bluetooth and NFC

Pioneer X-CM56

Pioneer has announced the launch of a new model CD player in stereo format designed for users looking for simple equipment, without pretensions, to a soundtrack stays small.

This is the X-CM56, available in white or black and comes standard with two two – way speakers that can be placed either vertically or horizontally next to the main device. » Read more

Bone conduction headphones: Perfect for train outdoors and not isolate medium

Bone conduction headphones

Many of us cannot conceive our training without our own soundtrack: music, in addition to exercise great motivating power can also help us improve our speed in the race or keep up while we’re running. Therefore, music has become an essential training partner for us.

Currently we have specifically designed headphones for sports: do not move, they are resistant to sweat and have a good quality when transmitting sound. We can choose between classic wired headset and even those who are connected via Bluetooth, very comfortable when training. The problem with these types of headphones is that they are ITE, i.e. that go inside the ear and isolate us from the environment in which we move, can be somewhat dangerous if we train outdoors. To avoid this we can count on the headphones bone conduction: we tell you how they work and what models are on the market. » Read more

Justice returns: The demo of Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is already available in the eShop

Justice returns

Phoenix Wright returns to the Nintendo DS with a new adventure set in the exotic realm of Khura’in that will test his skills as a lawyer. In fact, in this new release, their biggest problem will be to adapt the judicial system, and there is that there are no lawyers: Everything is resolved by spiritualism! » Read more

I present my toiletry bag this summer

toiletry bag

Although recently I talked about some essential in the vanity case this summer ,today I want to show what is really in mine : practical products that save me time, effective to protect from the sun and passing help me cope with high temperatures. Of course, there are some gems that cannot help but to recommend…

For skin care

  • Hydra SOS Recharge Madara: This has been a recent discovery that is delighting me by its lightness and its ability to regenerate skin … ideal for use both day and night and very sensitive skin like mine.
  • Oil Eucerin Control: It is a protective created for those who suffer from glare, so it is light and not noticeable at all. I recommend you to try because it is the best I’ve tasted.

» Read more

LEGO Castle Disney presents a set of amazing collector

LEGO Castle Disney

When five months ago we told you that LEGO had allied with Disney to launch a collection of minifigures we knew they would be coming up with much more, but few could imagine that to be the flagship Disney castle.

Which appears in all his films, which is flown by Bell while fireworks decorate a magical sky, which welcomes visitors to the Disney parks, LEGO has introduced a set of amazing collector, more than 4,000 pieces, for collectors lovers Disney universe. » Read more

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